Problem processing information?

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EmilieR91 Sat 06-May-17 20:34:35

Hi, my daughter has Spina Bifida and is at main stream school. She seems to be getting on ok academically but did have an ed psych assessment when she started because her teachers said she had problems 'retaining information'. The report was fine and they suggested keeping an eye and re testing if needed. Anyway. It's all gone quiet on that front at school so I assumed all was ok.
I've really noticed that she has problems listening to what people say to her. Ask her to repeat what was just said and she won't be able to tell you. If you have a really sincere one to one conversation she will just stare into space and interrupt midway with "Anyway" and will continue with a new conversation. I honestly can't tell whether she is just simply being rude/ignorant or whether this needs looking into. She does this all the time despite me saying how rude it is to not listen ect. I'd love an honest opinion? I'd hate to be telling her off for something she can't help

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TribeOf5 Sun 07-May-17 07:23:24

Hi smile
How old is your daughter?
My mainstream eldest is 13yo and speaks like this frequently regardless of how many times we explain how rude it is. There is a certain disinterest in anything we say unless it involves something in it for her.
My SEN daughter is almost 12yo and has processing issues. She takes a long time to process what is said to her and needs things breaking down and simplifying depending on what it is we are speaking to her about.
It is so hard figuring out which behaviours are them growing up and which are due to SEN.
Maybe make a game out of it. With a reward at the end for completing the game. Make it clear afterwards that they are being rewarded for partaking and not for their level of success.
(Idea for game to test retention; ask them to collect 5+ objects from around the house without writing it down, see how many they can remember and locate, if any.)
Just an idea smile

EmilieR91 Mon 15-May-17 15:47:31

That's really interesting, thank you. DD is 6, 7 in August. I'm finding it hard to distinguish between rudeness and a SEN definitely. If it is a SEN, I'd like to get a diagnosis because it would make a real difference with the help she gets at school. Is there a formal name for that sort of thing?!

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TribeOf5 Mon 15-May-17 18:41:59

You might find this site helpful smile

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