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CAdderley Fri 05-May-17 22:05:04

My son is now 4 years old. I have noticed some days are quite hard with certain problems we have to get through. This may be completely normal (he is my first child) but I have had a couple of negative comments from other people. If there was something I would like to know so I can get a understanding of whatever it is and we can grow through it together rather than me thinking he is just difficult.

- Ever since he was a baby he loved to touch my hair, he would sleep whilst playing with my hair and throughout the day liked to brush it across his skin. Now that he is older he still has a obsession with hair. He touches anybody's hair and still rubs it across his body, he even collects hair from brushes and stores it in his room or keeps it down his pants?!

- He has no consideration for people's personal space. He likes to have his face close to yours or generally touching you and being as close as he possibly can.

- He is overly hyper. He bounces off the walls from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep making some days quite difficult.

- When he gets too excited (which can be triggered by anything) he pulls a certain face. From that moment we know he will turn violent without intentions of hurting people. This is a daily occurrence.

- He is very particular about certain things. He will only allow certain people to put his coat on or do a task or he will become very distraught and may lash out.

- He doesn't like his food touching or he will refuse it. All foods must be seperated and sauce must be in a separate dish.

- He lines his toys up one behind the other rather than playing with them.

- He has an amazing memory for his age. He can tell you every detail of a a day out. The noises, the smells and exactly what he seen.

- He hates certain sounds especially loud noises. He puts his hands over his ears and buries his head into me.

- He becomes over whelmed in strange environments or crowded places. He doesn't have any confidence and latches onto a person.

Please if anyone has went through something similar or has any knowledge about what to do next or even just to tell me I am being stupid don't hesitate to reply. Thank you.

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Chasingmytail17 Fri 05-May-17 22:20:10

Hi CAdderley I also have a d's. He is 3yo. He has also always been hard work but equally loveable! A couple of the things you have mentioned I think would be worth discussing with your GP or health visitor as they would tally up with certain signs of ASD. There is no way of telling via the internet whether this may fit your son but proper assessment is the way to know for sure and get the appropriate help for him to enable him to flourish. You will need to be referred for this so GP is often the first step. My D's has just been referred for assessment and it can take a while. Times can be hard when caring for children with extra needs or difficulties, keep going I'm sure you are doing great

Chasingmytail17 Fri 05-May-17 22:23:16

Forgot to say it sounds like you have a brilliant approach. 'Understanding' is what its all about. Then we can help our children grow into the marvellous people they are and are meant to be. We are all different after all

CAdderley Fri 05-May-17 23:08:20

Thank you @Chasingmytail17. I didn't know if I was being silly or I should reach out. Some days are so difficult with the problems we have to face together. I just feel more for him, when he is hurting people it is purely excitement, he gets too excited and pulls a face, starts to shake and just lashes out. I can see he doesn't mean it but it's not nice for the other person either. I can cope with the little things like his meal times and being the person to do the little chores for him because he is so particular with how things go on but the outburst are so draining. I can't imagine how he must feel having to go through whatever he is feeling/ thinking

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LightTripper Sat 06-May-17 06:55:37

Just to add, my DD is also being assessed for ASD and we accessed that assessment via a speech and language drop in, despite the fact DD has a big vocabulary. They are not focused just on children who can't speak (as I had thought) but any kind of communication difficulties. So if your GP is not helpful that may be another route in.

CAdderley Sat 06-May-17 09:37:21

Thank you @LightTripper. My son has great speech too and that's why I have always doubted myself. Thank you for that tip

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