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Sn ds and siblings

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Whirltime Wed 26-Apr-17 18:18:15

I am lots of issues with my 3 year old ds and his brother who is 2 years old. For last 3 days ds2 has been awful with his brother.
Ds3 cant even go anyway even slightly close to him without him having a meltdown. Its not even like ds3 is actually doing anything wrong as ds2 meltsdown every morning when ds3 wakes up saying he doesnt want him to get up and wants him to stay in bed away from him.
Its not just his brother he has issues with either going to nursery is horrible and hes melting down going in then spends the day either attached to a member of staff or complaining that the other children are annoying him. This morning he actually said mummy can you just keep all people away from me i just can't do with people. Any ideas how i can at least help him so how?

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