Could it be Epilepsy ?

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notgivingin789 Tue 25-Apr-17 20:18:12

Hi all,

I'm getting quite worried now.

So DS 7 has SCD ( he has Autism I don't care what they say), verbal dyspraxia, allergies.

For the past couple of years, DS has been suffering from extreme tiredness. His extremely tired after school, tired after walking, tired after sports. The school mentions that his attention and focus is very good in the morning but by the afternoon he gets tired.

He went to a group session, just a sport type of thing and he was very very tired, though I out it down to not sleeping well last night ( he didn't sleep till 1 am !) and DS was practically falling asleep, he then put his head to one side and trying to lift his head up so imagine dozing off and trying to wake yourself up. The leader looked concerned and asked me if he has Epilepsy, that the way his acting suggests that or something about absence seizures. As you can tell I'm alarmed now.

DS was fine over the holidays but as soon as we went out, after an hour, his complaining that his really tired. I feel like I can't take him out for long days as he gets tired or starts limping on me. Going to the park, he can manage and stays for long period.. the swings, sand but when it comes to climbing he starts getting exhausted.

His sleep is not good (due to a certain issue but afraid to say as it would definitely out me !). His had various blood tests but they have all come back normal apart from that he has a low refinery in Vitamin A. I'm concerned that DS has Epilepsy. Is what I present a common feature of Absence Epilepsy sad.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Thank you.

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zzzzz Tue 25-Apr-17 22:06:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notgivingin789 Tue 25-Apr-17 22:15:43

Thanks zzzzz

Well he can be unresponsive. But I thought it was due to his social communication difficulties/ ASD. As some children with ASD are like that, well the one I work with.

I'm not sure if his hyper mobile . I haven't really researched into that. He is low arousal though (VERY!).

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zzzzz Tue 25-Apr-17 22:31:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notgivingin789 Tue 25-Apr-17 22:38:20

zzzz hyper mobility is when your joints seem bendy ?? But DS isn't a bendy child... I don't think.

I always assumed his unresponsiveness was due to being distracted/ not processing a question quick enough or just not really interested in social communication at that point. He doesn't stiff or wet himself or suddenly just stares for no reason.

Do you think it's worth mentioning for DS to have an EEG scan ?

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notgivingin789 Tue 25-Apr-17 22:39:54

His not getting enough sleep. But because this has been going on for a long while I'm not sure if there's anything more serious.

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zzzzz Tue 25-Apr-17 23:50:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Wed 26-Apr-17 07:10:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Checklist Wed 26-Apr-17 08:39:00

Epilepsy is co morbid with ASD. I can't say extreme tiredness is a symptom of absences - more usually with focals, tonic clonics, and the drugs ( unless there is a lot of nocturnal seizure activity).

Get him to hyperventilate - say blow on a children's toy windmill as hard as he can for a few minutes and see if that provokes an absence! (Video it on your phone for the GP). That's what a paediatrician did with DD - first time I saw an absence, which only the school had seen until then!

Checklist Wed 26-Apr-17 08:52:19

The other thing is struggling with dyspraxia, sensory overload, etc in a classroom is exhausting and could cause extreme tiredness in itself. IMO schools don't realise how hard it is for children with specific learning difficulties to hold it all together all day at school!

notgivingin789 Wed 26-Apr-17 09:56:10

Thanks for the replies smile.

polter his not on melatonin but his on another different type of medication because his lack of sleep is due to his other medical issue. Though that type of medication ain't working anymore plus he has anxiety issues about sleeping in the dark.

checklist I'm scared to do that as it may trigger something in his brain ??

Today, this morning, he was staring but I tapped him and he got out of it. But he does the relax staring when his tired and every morning he is really tired.

Should I request my GP to see a developmental doctor or a specialist OT or physiotherapist who is knowledgable about sensory difficulties or should I ask to see an neurologist.

(Sigh) I thought we were done with assessments.

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notgivingin789 Wed 26-Apr-17 10:01:34

checklist when did you suspect your DD has Epilepsy ?

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PolterGoose Wed 26-Apr-17 10:07:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zzzzz Wed 26-Apr-17 10:38:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notgivingin789 Wed 26-Apr-17 13:43:14

Yes polter One of the key side effects is drowsiness.

zzzz his perfect in the holidays but only when we are out for a while he starts saying his tired and so forth. But don't see any staring episodes.

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Checklist Wed 26-Apr-17 18:46:31

I didn't suspect epilepsy, because the absences only happened at school - they told me, and I got a referral from the GP to the Child Development Centre. At the 1st appointment, the consultant paediatrician got her to hyperventilate - she had 4 absences; that was the first time I ever saw one!

Checklist Thu 27-Apr-17 08:30:51

Blowing on a windmill while sitting down is not really any different imo from what is likely to happen to them in PE, where heavy breathing is also common - except it's safer! In fact PE is worse, because they get hot and tired too - which could trigger seizures by themselves.

2boysandadog9 Thu 27-Apr-17 09:58:05

I am not sure if this is relevant or even a real thing but last night I was doing one of my Google ASD sessions and stumbled upon some stuff about mitochondrial issues with ASD kids and the main indicator is fatigue.

It sounds a bit American biomedical and I have no idea if it is something medically recognised etc but it may be something worth investigating further?
Like I said I have no idea if this is helpful and I have no personal experience of it but when I read your post it reminded me a little of what I had read last night!

zzzzz Fri 28-Apr-17 11:47:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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