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How do i go about it?

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Whirltime Tue 25-Apr-17 10:17:06

Ds2 has been asessed for Autism and learning disabilities. His assesments goes to panel in may and i will br given his formal diagnosis in june.
I think the back story is relevent so we used to live in call it town A at 18 months old he was referred to cdc who did a 3 45 (he was nearly 3 when they did the assesments) minute assessment sessions where they basicly watched him play tried to encourage him to play with different things and other children. He refused to play with what they gave him, got upset over any sensory play and said hi once to one boy. We saw the consultant after this who said the nursery nurse said he had no issues and thinks he just needed to go to nursery. After this meeting we moved to town b and his file was sent to town bs cdc and they decided that things werent right and got portrage involved who put ds in nursery under special needs funding. Nursery did his development tracking which found him to be 2 years delayed in every area. Hes now got play worker additonal support and inclusion teacher support in nursery.
In town a SALT also said there was nothing wrong where as in town b SALT are very concered and agree with the nursery over delay and are fully supporting nursery with a SALT plan.
Last appointment we had with pieadatrican she told me about the panel in may and that they would look at possible autism. She then asked how nursery was going and when i said that he had a 2 year delay in every area she seemed paniced and asked to see the nursery report (luckily i took all reports with me) then she said she wanted to send some else to meet william and get more advice. She also added that they will now look at learning disabilities at panel. She said that its nothing that no ones done and i couldnt have prevented it its just how ds going to be.
I spoke to nursery who asked if he gets diagnosed with learning disabilities are they going to investigate why. The pediatrician hasnt mentioned nothing about more investigations. The nursery saod she will have been taken back as they would have expected him to have delay in a few areas but because his delays are in all areas that it indicates theres more going on and they said that i need to push for genetic testing and more investigations.
Now how would i go about getting them to take me seriously and push for more investigations or do i just need to accept that they are just going to keep fobbing me off like they have done for last 2 years.

zzzzz Tue 25-Apr-17 10:25:02

I would write to the paediatrician and say you have had time to reflect on what was said and look at nurseries report and you would like them to do genetic testing and are concerned that there may be LD as well as ASD.

Testing for both would be thorough.

Whirltime Tue 25-Apr-17 11:42:16

Good idea. I will do that thanks

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