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Great toys/activities for development?

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Frogandbear Tue 04-Apr-17 09:51:19

My DS is 3 and has asd. I am always looking for toys that will aid his development, as he loves new things and loves to learn, but now I am finding it difficult to find things to interest him that are a bit different.

Over the past year, he has gone through the usual sorters, stackers, building blocks, puzzles, letter and number toys, melissa and doug toys in particular I love, but I'm struggling to find something new for him.

Anyone got any toy recommendations for this age?

zzzzz Tue 04-Apr-17 12:02:33

AbsorbentMinds......lock up your card before you look, it's all to tempting.

Ds loved his scooter/trampoline/basketball hoop.

Marble run and Lego obv!

A game called Feel'n'find


Balls (Tesco sometimes sell off yoga balls for £10)

Tubes to crawl through and pop up tents.


tartanterror Wed 05-Apr-17 22:42:21

What zzzzz says.... plus

Pop up pirate or Snail Race for turn taking.
Snap/Matching pairs cards

Tyger sell a cheap balance board for vestibular integration, or there is a fancier balance board game on amazon that I can't remember its name.
Garden swing and trampoline
Mookie ride on or balance bike

Kerplunk and pick up sticks
Tiddly winks
Maybe a bit early but The Greatest Dot to Dot in the World for building up handwriting skills by stealth! Similarly large mazes to help motor planning.

Conversation starters - we like talking about I Spy Books of Picture Riddles and other picture books
Social stories - Cherie Meyers has pre-written books with nice illustrations

Piles of recycling and double sided tape for junk modelling
Gardening, cooking, chores etc
Art materials

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