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Final plan, no named school....who receives the £ ?

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Spooningleadstoforking Sun 02-Apr-17 15:08:06

Does anyone know the answer to this

If we have a final plan, current (or any) school is NOT named but child attends, does the School start receiving the extra money for the child from the LA as of the date of the final plan ?

zzzzz Sun 02-Apr-17 16:53:37

If it's a MS school then they get the funds, but why are you fussing about their funding?

Spooningleadstoforking Sun 02-Apr-17 18:38:38

yes its mainstream.

I am caring as this is my child. If the school are receiving extra money directly for him they should be using it to support him in ways that benefit him and support provisions on the plan. Which they are not doing.

I was not clear whether they would have started receiving the extra funds if they were not named - that was all

Thank you for your post

zzzzz Sun 02-Apr-17 19:48:18

Generally in my experience when school/LA ask parents to consider funding issues or "lack of resources" it a sign they are trying to excuse failing to provide support. My own approach would be to listen but NOT engage with their funding issues. They are NOT your problem. The EHCP should list the support that is put in place. It is legally binding from the moment it is issued. How they do that is not your concern.

Violet44 Sun 02-Apr-17 21:22:41

Have very similar issues. He has EHCP but as far as I'm concerned no extra support being put in place, he is working with TA and teacher who are there anyway and work with rest of group so not sure what his money is being spent on. Have requested a meeting with senco and teacher to go through his funding and what it's being used for. Out of interest, does your EHCP copy state how much funding he recieves? Mine doesn't have that information. Only school's copy.

Spooningleadstoforking Sun 02-Apr-17 22:39:17

Nothing from his EHCP is being put in place hence questioning the funding, and actually there is nothing for me to listen too ! If they were not receiving it they could possibly use this as an excuse, before I go in with this as another string to my sparse bow I wanted to be clear I was right.

Of course it is their responsibility to deliver his EHCP but if they are failing to do this then whose responsibility is it then ? He will be the one that suffers not them.

Violet yes it was stated although isn't written on the final plan. it was only written once on a letter at the beginning of the process, maybe when they agreed to assess him - ours has taken 14 months so the memory is a bit hazy. I'd love to know what it's spent on as they spend most days kicking him out every lesson !

zzzzz Sun 02-Apr-17 23:12:07

My understanding is that the school is responsible for delivering, the LA responsible for providing funds and ensuring the school do what they are paid to do, and the LA is legally bound to do that by the EHCP.

How tight is your ehcp? Is the support listed in a helpful way? If not I would ask for review.

If it is then the first step is to ask school if they are doing x, y, and z. Then if they aren't point out they have to. Then if they still don't contact the LA and request they make sure the ehcp is being adhered to. (For us this EWO were helpful too).

Megatherium Mon 03-Apr-17 00:06:23

If the school isn't named in the EHCP, there is a very distinct possibility that they aren't getting any funds at all. Why is your child still there?

youarenotkiddingme Mon 03-Apr-17 17:38:37

Why is there no named place? Do you want to name where he is at?

Other than that I agree you need a minutes meeting asking school how they are delivering all provision and then email to confirm all that's said and copy in la.
Then if it's not delivered ask for date it will be implemented. It's true finding isn't your concern as such but I get without funding he won't get support so you need to go for the bit you can question them on - and that's where the provision is!

tartanterror Mon 03-Apr-17 19:06:26

An EHCP without a named placement is illegal. When did the final plan come through? Timings affect how you handle this.

Do you want to stay at your current school? Or have you a different placement in mind? If you don't know your options get researching to see what is on offer.

Roughly speaking Once you know where you want him to be, you will need to write to the LA pointing out the illegality of the current document and request your preferred placement.... but timings will affect how you phrase all this

Go on to the IPSEA website and book a 30min call back to get detailed advice.

Spooningleadstoforking Mon 03-Apr-17 21:27:29

Mega believe me if I could get away with not sending him I would. The problem is there aren't any schools suitable to where we live.

I've viewed 4 and had contact with over 10, he doesn't have a learning disability so that rules out a load, a few don't take kids past year 9, very many are full by Year 11 (which will be when he starts at this rate), many near us are at the more severe end so not suitable either. We also have alternatives such as exceptional ideas and the Yellow House both of whom I've contacted with an idea to viewing. Neither allow visits (I don't understand this rule) and say it is down to the LA to inform me of their set up and do the referral, the LA have not done this and haven't answered my emails enquiring about these places.

We are going to see thrift wood in Chelmsford at the beginning of May which feels like a last hope.

I 100% don't want him to remain where he is - I naively thought finding a school would be the easy bit - how wrong was I

The final plan came through on 5th January. I got my mediation certificate on 1st March and posted off to tribunal on 30th march. I've started the ball rolling with IPSEA for legal representation.

Spooningleadstoforking Mon 03-Apr-17 21:38:15

Also bear in mind the current mainstream school he is at have written an email to the LA (I have a copy) saying they cannot meet his needs Or his EHCP. I have sent this to the tribunal too.

Megatherium Tue 04-Apr-17 00:27:14

Tartan, it isn't illegal to issue an EHCP with no placement named - it's legitimate to name a type of school.

OP, I would suggest you write to the LA stating that the provisions of the EHCP are not being implemented, the school your child is not named in the Plan anyway, and asking them to state as a matter of urgency what they propose to do to ensure that they comply with their statutory duty to meet your child's needs.

However, the easiest remedy would be to find a school to name. Are you just looking at day schools, or have you considered residential?

Spooningleadstoforking Tue 04-Apr-17 18:09:39

I've looked at Unsted Park in Surrey which was amazing really hit the nail on the head. However they are full, their fees are over 100k a year the LA have said a straight out no (no surprise) even IPSEA have said I would be very very very unlikely to get it.

I live in Essex there are not any residentials. We have behavioural places but that wouldn't be suitable, he has been in enough trouble with unfavourable behaviour the last thing he needs is to be placed amongst others where that behaviour is the norm.

I received a letter from school this morning saying there will be an Annual Review meeting on Thursday 25th may - intriguing when we've only had the plan since January !

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