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Sensory issues and fussy eating

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PurpleMinionMummy Mon 27-Mar-17 17:15:40

I'm just wondering how you all manage if you have kids with autism/spd which leads to them being fussy eaters?

My ds has just informed me that as there's no pizza for tea today he will just go hungry. Of course it's a specific type of pizza he eats, from a specific shop, (Asda, living wild!) because they can't be too specific grin. He will happily starve rather than eat anything he dislikes, but he's never told me before he'd rather go hungry than eat x.

Normally his food range is very limited anyway but it's getting worse as he's getting older. He's even refusing the chicken dippers that have seen us through tea time for years. It's not unusual for him to start refusing a food if he's been served something slightly different to normal (a different brand for example) as it seems to put him off altogether if it wasn't quite right on even one occasion.

I find it so frustrating and sometimes I don't know the best way to deal with it. For example i have no idea why he's now refusing the dippers so is he being a pita and I should serve them anyway (although he probably will just go hungry rather than eat them) or accept he doesn't want them and that pizza is now the way forward for tea for the next 20 million weeks?

He refused the pizza in the pub on mothers day however because it didn't smell right and was obviously not from Asda!

How does everyone else deal with this day in day out?

tartanterror Tue 28-Mar-17 22:37:32

Badly?! We are in the same boat. We try to use Ellyn Satter's division of responsibility which is to serve buffet style meals and have at least 2 preferred foods on the table. Calories are king. Our DS did starve himself down 20 centiles due to the school teaching him that his preferred foods were unhealthy..... things are better at school now and his weight is stable, but variety is non existent. He is on prescription vitamins after our referral to GOSH feeding disorder team.

Our DS is 8 - how old is yours? We have just got used to living with a high level of stress and we try to focus on making mealtimes pleasant and about time together. He has a liquid diet and DH mixes his preferred drinks.

JigglyTuff Tue 28-Mar-17 22:45:41

I serve exactly the same food, day in, day out. He is getting better though (to give you hope). He's 10 now and ate some fishfingers and chips in the pub the other day that were the Wrong Kind and has also recently eaten pub-made chicken goujons which he wouldn't have touched a couple of years ago.

But I've had to take him home from restaurants many many times because he's got himself into such a state about the food being wrong. I've recently discovered it's much better if I go up to the manager, explain that DS has autism and ask if he can have some plain baguette and a bowl of chips. Not desperately healthy but it does mean we can eat out at a wider range of places.

Is it the Asda cheapo pizzas your DS likes? Those are the only ones mine will eat. He's cheap to feed at least! grin

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Tue 28-Mar-17 23:16:48

Yep, us too. Pizza, pasta and curry were about all he ate for years. No potatoes in any shape or form including chips. The rest of us never want to eat in a pizza/pasta place ever again. We mix and match our meals but the overall effect has been that we all eat more processed food than I'd like because there isn't always time to cook everything from scratch when doing separate dishes. He fully understands though and it is gradually getting better, coming shopping with me and peer influence helps. He's 13 and could competently do the weekly supermarket shop by himself as he's had so much practice. Luckily he loves homemade tomato pasta sauce so I batch cook that with lots of other veg in. Bags of frozen fruit are another winner, he chomps through masses of that.

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