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So this week we have again not managed to get her to swimming lessons and struggled in mornings with school - seems to be escalating?

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Blossom4538 Sat 25-Mar-17 09:19:21

We have had a challenging week. I really don't know what else to do.

This week, we have had one day where she got ready for school and arrived on time. I have spent over an hour most mornings trying to calm DD down (if she'll let me anywhere near her or stops kicking out).

This morning she wouldn't get ready for her swimming lesson and refused to go.

We are trying everything. The one strategy which helped a little, at times, was distraction, but it doesn't always last. Incentives don't often work at the moment.

I don't like her to get so worked up and stressed before school and concerned about school refusal developing.

We have been a little late (in time for register) every morning. Due to be in for 8:25 and got in at 9 on Fri. I think she has been missing her sensory circuits in the mornings due to it.

Also, she takes omega eye q supplements as we don't often eat fish and they are supposed to help calm too apparently. She's stopped taking them this past week or so and it's coincided with ramped up aggression (physical) and being very demand avoidant/irritable. Wonder if just coincidence?

I also think she spotted the slt observing her at school which she probably found unsettling.

Anyway, any more tips pls, greatly appreciated!!

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