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user1483751930 Wed 22-Mar-17 21:31:14

Hi mummies!
My son has recently been diagnosed with Autism with no learning difficulty. We will start school next year and his EHCP meeting is in September. My question is does all autistic children with EHCP get priority in school admission irrespective of school catchment or it depends on their severity of needs?
Please guide as we are in process of moving.
Many thanks x

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tartanterror Wed 22-Mar-17 21:45:02

Children in the EHCP bypass the normal admissions processes. The school/setting named on the EHCP has a legal obligation to admit the child. As far as I understand there may be a couple of "transfer" meetings in the Autumn/Winter before the September your child is due to start school. Everyone else applies through the normal route in January. In the meantime your LA begins the process of identifying your preferred school and checking that they can meet the "provision" listed in the EHCP. If all goes to plan, you should have confirmation of a school place before the national offers day. If you are moving within the same LA it should be quite straightforward. If you are moving across LA boundaries you should speak to your new LA asap. I imagine it is possible to arrange for your EHCP to name a school in the new area but I imagine there are extra hoops to jump to make sure this all goes smoothly. Good luck

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