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EHCP Needs Assessment - what's the deal?

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marmitejamhoney Wed 22-Mar-17 17:01:24

My ds has a diagnosis of asd (with DCD and SPD) plus adhd. The LA has recently agreed to carry out an EHCP needs assessment. They have all the reports (some NHS some private) that they could possibly need (submitted with the request).

I am not sure what to expect from this stage and am wondering what I need to be doing? Is this where I think about what provision needs to be made? If so, what sort of things should I be thinking of? ( a part from the obvious SALT, OT, 1:1 etc.)

Please could you share what is included in your DC's plans if they have a similar picture?

Thanks in advance..

tartanterror Wed 22-Mar-17 21:29:15

Well done for getting the Agree to Assess! Normally the LA should now spend about 6 weeks gathering professional reports - the main one being the EP report - but are you saying that you have provided everything that your LA would need? All reports 12 months old or less? If so, your LA may be able to move much quicker....

I'm still at the assessment stage as we are waiting for one last report to come in. It's all running late. I've no specifics to share, but I was planning to go through all of the reports and list out all of the "needs" and "provision" identified for my DS. I can then easily check them off as I go through the draft EHCP to make sure everything is there. The bulk of the EHCP provision should come from these reports/evidence. I'm starting to wonder if enough provision has been detailed.... quite a few things seem vague...although some things need to be vague for future flexibility.....

I've applied for an Independent Supporter. Have you done this? In our area they have had oversight of lots of different plans and can make helpful suggestions, so it might be worth considering? You can find your LA area's provider here

marmitejamhoney Wed 22-Mar-17 22:15:24

Thank you for your reply.

They have many reports that were all produced within the last 12 months. There is an EP report but it does not suggest anything specfic or tangible at all. Similarly, the OT report is comprehensive but doesn't actually say he needs XYZ. I could write a list of needs (as you have done) but wouldnt have a clue what provision because no one has been specific - what do I do in this case?! I know the sorts of things that might help but surely someone needs to say this other than me? Can it be said during aTAC meeting?

Megatherium Wed 22-Mar-17 22:46:10

Absolutely you need the experts to specify precisely what your child needs, otherwise the EHCP will be too vague to be much use. Can you go back to them direct to ask for this, or ask the LA to do so? Refer them to the bit in paragraph 9.69 of the Code of Practice setting out that provision in section F must be detailed and specific.

tartanterror Sat 25-Mar-17 21:01:37

Yes - what mega says!!
Our EP report just arrived and there are some vague sections - so I will have to chase up some additional items this week by email ;)

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