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Can anyone tell me what the Makaton signs for 'pink' and 'purple' are please?

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moondog Mon 05-Mar-07 20:54:41

For my salt group tomorrow.

moondog Mon 05-Mar-07 21:11:24


twoisplenty Mon 05-Mar-07 21:41:21

I may be able to help...I do believe pink is rubbing the index finger on the cheek in very small circles.

The purple that I know: signing the letter P but flicking the index finger twice at the top of the P (does that make any sense?)

moondog Mon 05-Mar-07 21:42:44

Ah thank you Two.
Makes perfect sense to me.
My reputation is saved (doesn't look good when the salt can't do signs)

Califrau Mon 05-Mar-07 21:46:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Mon 05-Mar-07 22:00:26

Interesting Cal.I love the provenance of signs (Did you know that the cheek rubbing action for sugar comes from the fact that handling sugar in Liverpool docks caused dermatitis and also that lots of dock workers were Deaf?)

BSL and makaton have some marked differences.

Bethron Mon 05-Mar-07 22:01:55

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 05-Mar-07 22:03:32

Justin on Somethng Special seems to do red blue for purple. ie he does the sign for red then the one for blue although I can't remember what they are!

moondog Mon 05-Mar-07 22:03:53

Black is a scrubbing motion on the cheek (worryingly unPC I fear..) whereas white is the action of plucking feathers out of one's chest which I love.

theheadgirl Mon 05-Mar-07 22:07:17

Yes I'm with Justin - I was was taught red/blue for purple;
red - index finger along bottom lip in a curved motion
blue - index finger along back of hand like you're tracing a vein.

twoisplenty Mon 05-Mar-07 22:09:24

Yes, I think I saw Justin do that for puple. My ds school uses Makaton, and uses purple as the flicking of the letter P. But I like Justin's as well, as long as pupils actually know that red and blue makes purple!

moondog Mon 05-Mar-07 22:18:21

Yes,I like that too.Now does he do green as a blue/yellow combo then?

twoisplenty Mon 05-Mar-07 22:19:57

Ha Ha!! This is where MNers can start asking things like, what is the sign for silver or gold then!!! Ermmmm...

moondog Mon 05-Mar-07 22:31:56

Yes.What are they then??

twoisplenty Mon 05-Mar-07 23:09:51

Quick moondog! Don't go to bed yet!! I've found the actual makaton sign for purple!! It's in the official book.

I promise I wasn't looking specifically for purple, your thread made me feel I should learn a few more signs! Anyway, official sign for purple is the sign for red, followed by index finger doing circle motion on opposite wrist (wrist turned palm side up).

And I've found silver and gold. Silver says sign letter s, followed by sign for light towards self. Gold is the sign for G then light signed towards self.

There we go, I've learned some makaton tonight too.

Califrau Mon 05-Mar-07 23:21:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Mon 05-Mar-07 23:23:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alan Tue 06-Mar-07 14:17:39

I have been taught the P sign for purple and pink as described by second post (like applying rouge to cheek)

Alan Tue 06-Mar-07 14:18:19

no white is pinching your top and then letting go

Alan Tue 06-Mar-07 14:18:35

agree for gold though

moondog Tue 06-Mar-07 21:21:46

Ah,more useful stuff.
lol at Canton Calif.With the biscuit thing,I was told the action hails back to a time when they would tap them to get the weevils out.

nikkie Tue 06-Mar-07 22:08:23

MIne seem to be different again!
Purple-Psign flicking top finger
Pink-Index finger at top of nose thumb underneath fingers slide to meet
White -pinching top
gold-G sign then opening hands like shining (think thats like what Califrau means too?)
Silver-S sign then opening hands to shine

moondog Tue 06-Mar-07 22:09:32

Nikkie,they are similar to ones mentioned here.
The 'white' one seems to be like plucking feathers which makes it easy to learn.
Now..can anyone sort me out on grey??

Christie Tue 06-Mar-07 22:18:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikkie Wed 07-Mar-07 12:34:09

Grey-G sign top hand making circles on top of the other like grinding action?

Moondog -It was the pink I was thinking that was different

I also know white as a line down face like girl but only tip of finger rather than whole finger IYSWIM

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