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DD rips holes her clothes,poss anxiety

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d1150971291443b001472 Mon 13-Mar-17 13:13:51

My DD has Selective mutism and Noonans syndrome. Last June we got her placed in a special school after a horrible 3 years at mainstream where the ripping behaviour started. She has to have old bits of tights all the time to rip when she needs them or she will rip holes in her clothes. A pair of cotton PJs last one night ,she starts on the seams and keeps poking and ripping until there is nothing left. She will poke and rip holes in jeans. She has started play therapy at school and some sensory OT work but no one has seen this kind of clothes ripping before. She has been referred to CAHMS 3 times over the last 6 years for her SM but they have never bothered to see her,far more urgent cases. She has severe separation anxiety and severe social anxiety(CAHMS can diagnose without ever meeting her) and have concerns about behaviour leading to self harm.Any one come across this before? Any suggestions welcome.

rupert23 Mon 13-Mar-17 19:44:36

My son 10 has ASD ,social phobias,eating disorder ,selective mutism. He rips off his his clothes and sometimes rips his t shirts off and rips them in half, He has also ripped buttons off school shirt ,ripped the arms off and ripped up his school tie. he gets very strong when he is having a meltdown and screaming and this is when he destroys his clothes. he also has sensory issues so can only wear gap soft tracksuit bottoms and school trousers that have been washed many times to make them soft. I have had some help from OT . Maybe ask if they can help. i think its the anxiety that causes it. i hope you can get some help. Its awful when they are doing it

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