ADHD / Dyspraxia assessment advice/recommendations for DS2, age 6.

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Strix Wed 08-Mar-17 11:52:21

I have suspected for a long time that DS2 may have ADHD. He doesn't sit still. He is impulsive. His ability to focus is terrible. He is in year 1e, has been kicked out of two after school clubs for being generally disruptive, same problem at swimming. He is just go go go all the time. He is socially immature. Still clings to me in the morning at age 6 / year 1. He is very bright and loves all things IT. For example he found and downloaded an app onto his androis phone (no sim card) which allows him to use has phone as a remote control for the tv... Yes, he did this on his own!

Since reception I have been asking the school if his lack of focus is normal. They kept saying yes. I said so why is he being kicked out of clubs??? Yesterday, I had a consultation with the teacher. I stopped dancing around the issues of his inability to walk in the door and some other SEN targets they have set for him. Straight away I just came out with it and said "Really, my only concern is that I think DS2 may have ADHD", and the teacher simply nodded yes. And she suggested Dyspraxia was a possibility too. Her agreement took me by surprise to say the least. She said I should go to the GP to ask for an assessment.

So what now? We are in West London. Where does one go for an ADHD/Dyspraxia assessment? Are some places better than others? It will have to be NHS. Any advice? Anything I should be asking but not thought of?

I realise my next step is to go to the GP. But I want to do a bit of research first. If there is a good route/place to go for assessment, I'll ask her for a specific referral.

Thank you

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EwanWhosearmy Wed 08-Mar-17 12:22:20

The diagnosis is usually made by a child psychiatrist. There is usually one place in an area where everyone is referred.

Our GP asked for a report from school to send in with the referral, so it might be worth getting that in place.

NotInMyBackYard1 Mon 13-Mar-17 23:17:00

Our GP wanted to see evidence / report from two settings before referral - so home and school. She also wanted to wait 6 months before referring after I could try some 'behaviour techniques' however my DD behaved so wonderfully in the Drs room - think rolling on the floor, climbing on the couch, dangling off the couch, closing the curtain, opening the curtain, tipping out the toy box, playing with the lights, switching things on and off - that the referral was done there and then! (and that was with me saying 'stop that' 'don't do that' 'come and sit down' 'please leave that alone') She's been diagnosed since age 6 with ADHD and with ASD just recently (almost 9)

Strix Thu 16-Mar-17 10:20:58

Ha ha. That behaviour sounds familiar. What prompted my GP appointment was the teacher consultation in which I said, "really my only concern about DS2 is that I think he may have ADHD." The teacher simply nodded in agreement and began to talk about him also showing signs of dyspraxia. She suggested I contact the GP for a referral. So I think I will have the school's support.

I can also site the after school clubs who kicked him out (French and music) for being generally disruptive.

And his swimming lesson in which he constantly bounces around (literally).

But thank you for the tip to gather this information. I shall do that.

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Dannygirl Sun 19-Mar-17 22:47:09

I don't have experience of ADHD but my son is diagnosed with dyspraxia. We used to live in West London and the referral was to the Paediatrician/child development centre in Ealing via our GP. Good luck x

Strix Tue 21-Mar-17 13:53:45

I went to the GP today. Apparently the NHS now expects the schools to get involved with an initial referral. Of course, the school told me the GP had to refer. After having had a couple of weeks to mull over his various symptoms, I now think ADHD, Dyspraxia, and a small element of ASD need to be assessed together. I think I'm going to bounce round the NHS and the state schools, and hopefully DS2 will not be a victim of budget cuts.

What a pain... but as I am currently unemployed I think the private option is out of reach. sad

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