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PECS success?

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readyornot2011 Tue 07-Mar-17 13:31:15

My son (2.5yo, suspected ASD) has just started speech therapy with a lovely woman. She is using the PECS system which I can see is a great tool for communication.... but my sons problem isn't communication, it's speech iyswim. If he wants something he makes it known by taking me to it and putting my hand on it or more recently (with a lot of work, pointing to it).

I just can't see at the moment how PECS will translate to speech.... would love to hear any PECS success stories or alternative therapies. We are abroad and paying privately so don't want to pour money into the wrong approach...

notgivingin789 Sat 11-Mar-17 22:59:01

I've never done PECS with DS but from what I've heard some parents have found it restrictive, e.g. That it's all about requesting (there's more to communication than requesting ) but the mechanics of it .... going to the parent, requesting something seems good.

It does sound like your DS has communication difficulties. It's good that his putting your hands to things to request...but it's not intentional communication ...e.g his suppose to look at you, point to the object and look back at your again. The book "More than words" explains in detail about intentional / pre intentional communication. It's also, a classic Autism sign apparently, though my DS never did this.

I do get a bit hesitant when some people say it's just speech and not communication. I do find that some kids who just have speech or understanding difficulties does massively effect their communication skills though they are very good with social communication.

Lulu2515 Sun 12-Mar-17 18:09:23

From an SLT perspective, there's actually evidence that PECS support verbal language.

It gives the child lots of opportunities to hear repetitive, simple language.

And it starts with requesting but in later phases moves on to commenting

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Sun 12-Mar-17 18:12:19

My ds (3 diagnosed asd) has been using pecs for a few months, and it has really helped him learn words. He really has come so far from about 5 words to 50ish.

Blueemeraldagain Sun 12-Mar-17 18:52:45

What I have observed as a TA in a PMLD school (I now teach in an SEMH school) is that PECS allow children to realise you can communicate about things you can't see (eventually) which is the plus over taking someone to an object.
That and once children realise that PECS is quicker than dragging someone around and that talking is quicker than that they come on in leaps and bounds.

Ineedmorepatience Sun 12-Mar-17 20:02:47

I agree with Blueemeraldagain I have worked with children who used to bang their heads on the floor and scream because they couldnt communicate what they needed but once pictures, symbols or pecs were introduced and they got more confident those behaviours disappeared!

I know a little girl who learned to talk in sentences using pecs as a prompt. She was amazing and can now read as well. smile

cowssheephens Sun 12-Mar-17 21:48:05

My DD didn't even understand the concept of communication.

We started PECS, doing hours of activities per day, which she enjoyed. Within a month we had a verbal DD who was now able and willing to try and say any word. It completely changed her life and ours. Best money, best resource, best 'therapy' we have ever done.

readyornot2011 Mon 13-Mar-17 12:12:59

Thank you all!

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