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Fast ForWord Language/ Lannguage to Reading

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Jimjams Sat 26-Jun-04 09:30:36

Anyone done this? Or know anyone who has? I've heard it can fit in well with ABA ( it think or did I imagine that?). Really interested in how much computer ability and language understanding is needed- or can it be done with an adult as well?

Am especially interested in the langauge programme.

Davros Sun 27-Jun-04 21:55:30

I think Earobics comes before Fast Forword, both have very good reports from everyone I know. I just got the new Diff Roads to Learning Catalogue, may order something (DTTrainer) if anyone wants to share P&P?

binkie Mon 16-May-05 10:36:26

A revival for this. It's been suggested by someone who works with Aditi Silverstein (the Fast ForWord therapist) that it could help ds.

I was just wondering, from what anyone's heard or done, is it genuinely worth it, or a bit of a money-spinner?

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