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Can anyone tell me more about relaxed theatre performances?

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BoogleMcGroogle Fri 03-Mar-17 06:34:23

My son (5) loves theatre shows, but struggles with concentrating and doesn't really know when he needs to be quiet. So far we've managed Childrens' (preschool) mainstream performances with apologetic smiles and lots of reassurance, but I know he really wants to go to some of the bigger shows for older children ( he's mentioned Alladin in London). He doesnt have autism, which I know many of the relaxed shows are adapted for. He has speech difficulties, hearing loss, sensory issues and some other issues. I can't expect someone who has paid £300 for their family to see the show not to find his interruptions irritating and I was wondering how we find out about relaxed performances and how we can get tickets? I've looked online but can't find much apart form reports about great they are! Any idea? Thanks smile

Marshmallow09er Fri 03-Mar-17 07:43:48

The whole ethos behind relaxed performances is that they are inclusive and welcoming for anybody who might find traditional performances a bit more difficult to watch.
I like this explanation by Tourette's Hero (Jess Thom, who is wonderful in so many ways):

Most bigger theatres tend to include a relaxed performance now (although I have found they can tend to be during school hours). Your best bet is to give your local theatre a ring and find out what's coming up.

It's fab your DS enjoys theatre and you should absolute encourage that and continue to take him along.

Melawati Fri 03-Mar-17 08:34:19

They are open to anyone, we usually find out about then through our local NAS, but sometimes get mailed directly by theatres if we're on their mailing lists.
It's worth contacting the venues that put on shows fairly locally to see what they're offering. We have a local ATG theatre that does a relaxed performance of its panto, for example, and a children's theatre that almost has a relaxed performance of each production they stage.
I think something like Aladdin might be a big ask for any 5 year old. I took (NT) DD2 to the Lion King aged 6 and although she loved it she did find it very long indeed!

BoogleMcGroogle Fri 03-Mar-17 11:02:29

Thanks guys- melawati my NT went to The Lion King with school last year and is still traumatised by the elephant graveyard! We will start with local shows and take it from there. Much as it sounds a palaver, we found a festival worked really well last year as there were loads of creative activities to just drop in and out of. At one point my son spent a whole morning in the storyteller tent- he was like their little groupie smile

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