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Yr 1 DD hates reading and writing and can;t write and intelligible sentence.

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threelittlerapscallions Sat 25-Feb-17 16:52:22

And is still on phonics level one, can only read one syllable words and has to sound out every word before reading it.

She has just had a speech therapy assessment (as tends to be shy so teacher thought she didn;t understand) and been told her speech excellent and her vocabulary and grammar in the top 5 per cent for her age. She has a very good understanding of everything verbally but says she 'hates' reading and writing and it is 'boring'. Is a little shy but getting more confident and has a group of friends at school but says she hates all the 'sitting down ' at school though is generally well behaved there.

The school want her to be seen by an occupational therapist as has poor fine motor skills and is left handed or possibly ambidextrous.

I am struggling to help her learn to read and write better - any advice would be welcome!

Megatherium Sun 26-Feb-17 09:11:11

Contact the Dyslexia Association for a dyslexia assessment?

threelittlerapscallions Sun 26-Feb-17 09:31:15

Thanks Meg. She is supposed to be having something called an snap (special needs assessment profile) assessment internally at her school this term then will be referred to ed psych if the school feel she needs a dyslexia assessment.

zzzzz Mon 27-Feb-17 12:05:55

There are some stunning apps that can help if you have iPad.
Pocket Phonics jumps to mind, Montessori @ homes reading games are great especially if you are more of a whole word learner than a phonics based one.

Solid alphabets, word building, and words on cards to be used as building blocks to sentences.

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