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EHCP hearing impaired

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Schoolsearching18 Sat 25-Feb-17 09:37:47

We have started to look at the options for my DS schooling. He will start Sep 2018 so this year is the year of application rather than starting school. He has a moderate sensorineural hearing loss in both hears. He wears 2 hearing aids. He is currently in a mainstream nursery and enjoying it but they are excellent about giving him the extra help and nurturing him in a way I fear schools will just not manage. They are coping fine with him despite there not being any extra provision in place but as I say they are extremely capable and have good staff ratios anyway.
I am worried he is not going to cope being plunged into a class of 30 children with only 1 teacher and possibly 1 TA (if hes lucky) available. It is harder for him to focus and concentrate because of the hearing disability and therefore he can be a handful because he shuts off and gets bored. He is also behind in his communication skills, he was late to talk and now still cannot have a 2 way conversation (he just talks at us). SALT involved atm.
My real question is what do we do about addressing what his actual needs will be when he gets to Primary school? I want to be on the front foot rather than waiting for him to struggle once he is there. Everything I am hearing from our TOD and other people are that his hearing is not enough to get an EHCP and you have to have multiple and severe issues before they will even consider it....Can anyone give any advice or shed light. maybe someone has been through a similar process?

youarenotkiddingme Sat 25-Feb-17 20:32:58

My first point of call would be contacting catchment school and/or other schools you are considering and ask them what provision they have for HI and children with wear hearing aids.
Do they have loops etc, specialist equipment he'll need to access the curriculum, access to specialist teacher advisors and salt.

Because if they need anything like this then it may be you'll need an ehcp for it to be provided because it's not normally available in ms school.

A good place to start is reading sendcop.

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