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Attempting to find answers

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tornandhurt Wed 22-Feb-17 14:27:01

I'll keep this as brief as I possibly can.

DS5 is struggling terribly at school. First brought to our attention when starting reception in Sept 2015 (now yr 1). He's one of the younger kids so have been mindful of this throughout.

Teachers have raised concerns as have we, and although he's under assessment at the moment, answers are not forthcoming.

Basic math is ok and he seems to enjoy this. Anything practical he's good at - take apart an electrical object and he'd be able to put it back together. His struggles are reading, writing, memory and noise.......he's better with the LSA one on one, but in the class or noisy environments he will literally cover his ears and switch off.

The assessor seems to have ruled out autism as he doesn't demonstrate a lot of the common traits apparently. His speech has been assessed as fine. Hearing has been ok, however I have just requested another test as this particular aspect has got worse again recently. She's mentioned ADD, but neither ourselves or the school are convinced.

I've always suspected Dyslexia although apparently they won't test for this until around age 7. In searching for answers I've stumbled across APD - although I can't link the covering of ears with this - could anyone help me more?

I feel at a total loss. He clearly tries and has a willingness to learn, but there's definitely a blockage somewhere preventing him.

enterthedragon Wed 22-Feb-17 15:53:18

Is he hypersensitive to anything else? Or just noise.

DS has AS, sensory processing difficulties, just because speech is fine it doesn't mean it isn't an ASD

tornandhurt Wed 22-Feb-17 16:05:37

It seems to be just noise yes.

crazybat Tue 28-Feb-17 17:53:14

Is he compliant?

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