Dla mobility - turning five do I need to fill in both parts of the form again?

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AndNowItsSeven Sat 18-Feb-17 16:20:42

My ds turns five soon and is currently in receipt of middle rate care dla.
We have been sent a letter asking if we want to apply for mobility. The envelope included a complete dla form.
Surely they don't expect us to fill in the whole form again? It was only completed in October and has a few years left on the award.
Has anyone else been in this situation.

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Fairylea Sun 19-Feb-17 11:03:05

Yes you do need to fill in the form again IF you want to claim for mobility. Sometimes they do have boxes in the form to tick if no care needs have changed. But keep in mind they will (even if you tick the boxes) review the whole claim again and it could go up or down.

However, you don't have to apply for the mobility part. You can just ignore the form and your current claim will continue to run as it currently is and you will receive a renewal form at the end of the current award as is standard (20 weeks before the end).

We decided not to apply for mobility as we receive high rate care and we didn't want to risk losing it. We were sent a renewal form at the end of our award and I've just sent it back so hoping to get mobility this time round.

AndNowItsSeven Tue 21-Feb-17 23:44:05

Yes my form said just tick if no care needs have changed. Bit scared if they look at again.

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AndNowItsSeven Tue 21-Feb-17 23:44:20

Thank you fairylea.

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coffeemachine Wed 22-Feb-17 09:34:36

we just did the mobility part and said car needs unchanged. we got low rate mobility with it and care was also extended by 2 years (without changing the care rate).

coffeemachine Wed 22-Feb-17 09:35:29

care needs, not car needs (though we needed one too)

MrsJ0612 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:45:33

We got our forms for the mobility bit towards the end of last year but decided to ignore. I was worried DD would lose her middle rate care - which without it we couldn't afford private speech therapy or occupational therapy for her - things the NHS have let her down on.

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