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verbal and gereralized dyspraxia, anyone wanna be chat/ be my friend:)

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f1nut Wed 28-Feb-07 15:06:48

my david 4 has generalized and verbal dysparxia as well as partial hearing loss and vision loss as well as that he doest eat, somedays just a peice of bread and bit of cheese so under feeding clinic.
last last 2 years have been tough, we have speech therapy twice a week, phisio twice, occy health once and theres usually feeding clinic/ hearing or eyes somewhere in there aswell.
i dont drive so its a 2 bus treck to hospital 4 times a week.
i feel like a robot.

anyways now my other son cory 2.5 has started speech therapy as he doesnt say anything at all, speech therapist says he seems to be following the same line david did, very clumsey, bad motor co-ordination, dribbleing constantly, bad sleeper, can concentrate, when does say words drop beginings and ends off.

i feel like at last it was coming to an end with david as he starts school fulltime sept and will have his statement in place and he has made soooo much progress.

now back to begining with cory.

i dont feel i can do it again, especially as iv now split with there dad and were moving away to new area, dont know a soul, ill be away from family and compltly isolated.
i just feel like i cant cope anymore.

i know my boys havnt got life threatening illnesses and my heart goes out to all you mums with more serious problems.

i just need someone, dont have anyone to talk to about this and dont know any other mums who have kids with these sort of proplems.

thanks for listening xx

figleaf Wed 28-Feb-07 19:20:45

I`ve got one with a few coordination/fine motor probs but cant really help with your boys. Just wanted to say.. Hi, hang in there - I`m sure someone else on here who will be able to offer advice and lots of us can be friends/sounding boards. This is Mumsnet, this is why we are here

Woooozle100 Wed 28-Feb-07 21:18:49

Hi f1nut. You sound like you are going through a lot at the moment so no wonder you are down. OK, you know it is realistic for Corey to progress just as David has, but that doesn't mean its any easier for you second time round, or that you don't feel sadness. Sending you a big virtual hug.

Don't feel bad that you are feeling cack and your son's do not have life threatening illnesses - like you are not entitled to feel grief / upset / anger for the problems they do have. Sad is sad. There is no 'pecking order'.

Where are you moving to? maybe you could see if there are any support groups either specific to dyspraxia or more general special needs family groups. I have met loads of people through a branch of KIDS and this has been a lifeline at times.

And sound off here.. you will be able to get advice from people in the same boat. And even if the problems / circumstances aren't exactly the same, you can still connect with people having similar reactions / emotions.

My dd is 21mo and doesn't have any speech - don't expect her to for years tbh - if ever. She has rare chromo disorder. She doesn't sign and isn't the slightest bit interested in PECS (would rather eat them) so I can understand yr frustrations there.

Take care x

Jimjams2 Wed 28-Feb-07 21:29:28

my eldest is severely autistic wiith verbal dyspraxia. When ds2 was 2.5 I was convinced he had verbal dyspraxia - he spoke gobbledigook, I had him assessed by ds1's private SALT when ds2 was 2.8 and she agreed that he had a speech disorder- probably verbal dyspraxia. I felt the way you describe, nothing life threatening, but hassle I didn't need.

Then a few weeks later he literally started talking properly in the space of a week. the SALT couldn't believe it, nursery couldn't believe it. I know a few weeks before his 3rd birthday he was talking like any other almost 3 year old as I remember getting back from hospital wiith ds3 and him running out to see me asking "mummy is the baby out of your tummy now".

He's 5 now. He's left handed, he can't skip, he has a few sounds that are a bit ropey, he a bit cack handed, but he's doing well in school and doesn't have SALT, or OT or anything.

DS3 incidentally is ALSO making up his own words. Car is "boona" for example, toast and bread and crisps are all "dra". I figure we just have a weird family.

Good luck with it all, but don't get too donw in case it does all fall into place- it might do!

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