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Camhs confusion again! Feel they changing their minds all the time

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Waitingforsleep Sun 12-Feb-17 20:01:34

Me again I am like a broken record and for that I apologise!
Long story- Dd has dx of anxiety which has never say right with me.
Been having art therapy and the therapist said at the last review around 5 weeks ago that she felt previous camhs had missed something and that I was right to persue however wasn't sure what exactly. Gave me all this about how she was going to do a qualitative approach and not tick box etc
Said was looking at sensory, attachment and asd. I asked what the gut feel was she said asd.
Fast forward to next review this week and I get this talk about how are we going to wind up dd's therapy. What's the end plan?!
I was taken aback but she said something about seeing he dr who said something about criteria (tick box) and said to me what did I want to get out of this- I said to get some answers of why Dd is the way she is and then how to help her. She replied "what if there are no answers"
Surely that's not good enough is it?
No answers?
She said Dd was quirky and she could see why I had pursued it but didn't have anything for me it seems. Said about a school counsellor and I said Dd had one and it did nothing.
Said we would work on attachment and asked again about me trying to get a sensory assessment
I ha e felt crap ever since.

Anyone help? This has been going on for 6 years now

Waitingforsleep Mon 13-Feb-17 17:25:17


Fighterofthenightman Mon 13-Feb-17 17:28:22

Do you mean she's been under CAMHS for six years?

Waitingforsleep Mon 13-Feb-17 19:58:16

I have been under Drs, pead different camhs for 6 years being bounced around from person to person with no answers

scampbeast Thu 16-Feb-17 09:10:19

We have just been told that DS doesn't have ASD, but has lots of traits which made it "understandable" that we wanted him tested. I just think to myself how far the understanding of the spectrum has come in even the last 30 years. Many people are only now being diagnosed as adults, because ther is now more understanding. I Still use some ASD tricks to help my son, and so does the school and they have helpped him improve so much. We didn't need the lable, we just wanted to know how to help him cope with the world. Every child has their own quirky things, all we can do is help them learn how to deal with the world.
If you think the sensory assessment would help then just keep anoying the right people until they do it, I would say just don't expect any result to be as much help as you might imagine.

Waitingforsleep Sat 18-Feb-17 20:09:15

But I thought you were either in the spectrum or not. None of this traits business
Also I had the whole fact that Dd is different at home and school conversation where I put them right and told them this meant nothing!

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