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Could it also be ADHD?

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Msqueen33 Mon 06-Feb-17 18:21:34

I've got two dc 7,4. Both diagnosed with asd and 7 year old also has a diagnosis of ADHD alongside her asd diagnosis.

My youngest is constantly moving, jumping, climbing, flitting, head standing, running even when she's not in her buggy and walking she gallops. Even when she's watching a video on YouTube her body is moving. She can't focus (she can hyperfocus). She is always in motion. Does this sound ADHD like? She reminds me so much of her sister who has asd and ADHD. I know they won't diagnose this young but wondered what people thought.

BuddhaBelly Mon 06-Feb-17 20:58:18

Hi, I have to say that sounds just like my ds was at that age. We got a diagnosis for him at 6 but we started the process when he was reception at school. They don't normally diagnose until 6-7 but it might be worth starting the ball rolling if it takes as long as it did for us! Good luck

Allthewaves Mon 06-Feb-17 21:09:04

Ds1 is pure adhd - he started asd assessment process at 2 as he was manic and they didn't kow what to do with him as your dd sounds similar. By 5 they decided wasn't asd and had to have limbo year before doing qb test and gettig adhd diagosis

Ds2 is now undergoing asd diagnosis too (get final assessment 2 wk) and then when he's 6 in summer he will get qb test too as he seems to have add in my mum's opinion

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