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Getting support for Ds no Dx as yet

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magso Tue 27-Feb-07 11:47:58

My Ds is 7 (yr2). He has SN but is quite bright in some ways, but no Dx as yet.I suppose I had hoped some problems would resolve or catch up, and now know in my heart they will not! He has language delay (1 centile), poor motor skills, problems with peers, poor short term memory (1 centile)and is on treatment for impulsive ADHD symptons. I've put my effort into trying to get support at school (a very uphill struggle!!!) and feel guilty at the slowness of everything and how long Ds had and continues to flounder at school (statement application panal today so feeling nervous!). I wish I had realised how hard you have to fight for every little thing perhaps I could have demanded rather than politly asked!!( salt at age 4 1/2, OT age 7 so he will be discharged as no treatment to over 7s etc, Edphysch age 7 all these things requested so much younger). Has been seeing the dev paed since age 4, but we have no DX. Are some children outside every diagnosis? I wonder now if I should have run up the overdraft to get assessments privatly to get a statement earlier? I feel so in need of support to support Ds but dont know how to find it! Has anyone any helpful ideas? Sorry to winge! Have only just found Mumsnet!

magso Tue 27-Feb-07 12:28:17

PS followed some threads on AS and identify with many of them (collecting acorns/ helicopters/ conkers, arm flapping, odd noises, meltdowns with changes to routine, exclusions and sending home etc). I am feeling really worried! Ds loves social situations but is egocentric like a little child and needs to be sheparded like one IYKWIM. Should I ask for Gp referral to child pshychiatric services?

Aloha Tue 27-Feb-07 12:31:42

Hi, what does the paediatrician say about him? How is he coping with school?

bigcar Tue 27-Feb-07 12:37:06

My ss1 was dx with asd at 4, so cant help with that one im afraid. Dont be afraid to be pushy, thats what everyone else does and is usually the only thing that gets you anywhere, keep asking questions, push for a dx, and dont take no for an answer! Its often easier (although not easy) to get support in school once you have a dx. My friends boy has adhd, her local nhs trust run a support group for parents which she found useful.

Tiggiwinkle Tue 27-Feb-07 12:48:33

Who has assessed him so far magso?

magso Tue 27-Feb-07 12:54:30

School is not going well!! He is in big class and his TA ( EPF 5 hours) left in Dec so has no support at all. Can count to 12 , nearly write first name, (in the holidays), but doesnt recognise all his letters yet. He has poor understanding of speech ( he misunderstands instructions) and cannot work alone. He enjoys school (this year), his present teacher is very kind ( but she has 28 others to teach unsupported!). She is upset he gets so little help. He is less able than most reception children (DS is in year 2). The paediatrician started by reveiwing him every 6 monthes. He has made progress, and he has benefited from medication for his impulsive/ hyperactive behaviour which is most problematic at school. Ds is very difficult to assess (his language is delayed/ he reacts badly to new situations) so I guess the paediatician is waiting for him to mature enough to assess? I have (just)applied for a statement but it took so long to get an ed psych appointment (via school) that held up the whole proccess.

Socci Tue 27-Feb-07 12:58:53

Message withdrawn

Aloha Tue 27-Feb-07 12:59:43

Have you thought about a special school? I don't mean to be upsetting but several mumsnetters have found it to be a godsend and to have helped their children no end. No support at all? That's APPALLING. His school is not doing its job for your son at all.

magso Tue 27-Feb-07 13:14:40

Tigglewinkle, Salt assessed language in oct 06(1 centile) OT recently ( below 5th) and Ed psych recently, -had report 2 weeks ago hense putting in for statement. have meeting with senco later to discuss edpsych report as dont really understand it but that lists 1 centiles for auditory and visualmemory, there are no strengths recorded as Im sure he has some! perhaps since it was done for the statement application. Did conners questionaire in reception, (for ADHD) hense medication, the paediatrician gave us that. I mentioned ASd a long time ago but havn't asked again recently. Also sees another paediatrician (6/12ly)for a medical problem, who laughed (because Ds wasn't late walking so said he 'could not have dyspraxia') when i asked referral to an OT when DS was 4,.I got the GP to refer in the end for OT.

magso Tue 27-Feb-07 13:30:46

Socci, yes I think you are right paying for a full assessment is the next thing. All those 1 centiles (profound delay) throw up questions! I didn't think special schools were accessable to kids without a statement, but yes I have wondered and recognise Ds would be better off in a smaller class/ unit. Went to a SN day last year to find out a bit about the local ones. Getting advise is just so difficult!!We did speak to Ed psych before he met Ds, and asked about special scholl/ unit, he said that wasnt his role, he was there to advise the school on how to support Ds. I had assumed it was to assess what was best for Ds.

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