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Never thought I would feel like this.

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Amithenormalone Sun 05-Feb-17 22:31:48

I have 3 dcs eldest ds has Autism.
Ds2 is 3 years old. We started seeking advice as we had an idea he has autism too. At first we was told nothing was wrong. We moved area and local CDC pick up is case and since then things have changed at a fairly quickly rate. He's had portage input, been to a social development group, SALT input, been put in nursery under SN funding, he now has inclusion teacher and also TA support. In summer term the nursery has been told to apply to extend the support of Inclusion teacher and TA and also Educational physiologist support.
In the last assessments we found out that he's delayed in every area . His assessments sets out 10 areas he needs to improve on. Understanding, communication, social, relationships and self care are the ones I can remember. I am ever so grateful that people are doing what they need to. But feel really scared at what's to come. There's been alot thrown around about there being other issues other than Autism and also we are now getting the impression that it's no longer about him catching up in development and about making sure he keeps at least progressing. They also mention something about possibility of him being on a development step for 3 years didn't quite catch what would happen if he was. It's being such a numbing week. I just feel scared of was prepared (obviously still upset) for an autism diagnosis but wasn't prepared for all this. Also got family and friends telling me I need to apply for DLA but just don't know where to start getting all of this down.

dimples76 Mon 06-Feb-17 07:16:05

Sorry you're finding things tough. It's great that you have got lots of support in place but I appreciate that that can be scary too. I remember when middle rate care was awarded for my boy when he was two (he has global developmental delay) without me having to put up a fight thinking wow his problems must be more serious than I realise.

For DLA I would really recommend the Cerebra guide - I copied and pasted quite a bit from that. I think otherwise you can forget what the additional challenges you face are.

The assessments/reports often make very depressing reading as they focus on identifying additional needs and areas of delay in order to secure additional support e.g 1:1. I've always kept my own notes of his achievements (however small) to remind me of my boy's progress.

Take care

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