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Possibly final appointment with ed psych coming up.

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SaltaKatten Sat 04-Feb-17 21:52:59

We've been working our way through the assessment procedures for autism for the last two years for my youngest dd. She has had screenings, visit to school by an ed psych and occupational therapy. After the last observations in school by the ed psych the report stated that she needed to be seen further and next week we have a hospital appointment with another ed psych. It seems this is the person who makes the decisions on the diagnosis. I'm feeling a bit nervous about the appointment and am done ring. If anyone has any suggestions on what kind of things might happen.
Dd really dislikes discussing her difficulties (she's 8) although has slowly come around to the idea that perhaps her brain works a bit differently. I'm thinking of bringing her favourite pokemon encyclopaedia along which will help keep her happy. She is a very polite and sweet child and tries ever so hard to fit in but I hope they will see through that. The previous report did pick up on most of her difficulties and quirks. School haven't been overly helpful as she masks quite well in school and is very bright and good academically.

Melawati Sat 04-Feb-17 23:15:53

Are you sure this appointment is with an ed psych? I think only a Dr or clinical psychologist (and usually it's a team) can diagnose with ASD. Procedures do seem to vary greatly between areas though.
Has your DD been assessed with a diagnostic tool like ADOS or DISCO? if she hasn't so far then I'd guess that is what will be done at this appointment. My DD had ADOS, which has different modules depending on age, but is quite fun for the DC - games and puzzles and some chat - although tiring.

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