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Please help me. Cerebral palsy?

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newworld9 Mon 30-Jan-17 10:32:51

Can any Mumsnetters recommend a specialist doctor in London who can diagnose cerebral palsy in toddlers?

My son is two years three months. We've noticed that he seems to have sensory processing problems. He complains the clothes hurt and really overreacts when he hears other children cry or adults shout. He gets very frightened and upset and cannot be calmed down. He underreacts to other things, so can get hurt and just carry on as if nothing happened.

He also has a divergent squint and is longsighted. He wears glasses for this. He was slow to learn to walk. He walks now but is clumsy and can fall over himself. He is starting to talk but is delayed in his speech. He had trouble feeding as a baby.

He was born premature in a traumatic ventouse delivery. His head was impacted against my pelvis for part of the time. He needed an orthotic helmet because his head was so misshapen from the ventouse. It was a very traumatic birth, I have catastrophic injuries myself from it and I can't see how my son would not also have been affected.

I took him to see a paediatrician in Harley Street about six months ago but the doctor was not very helpful. He didn't look very closely at my son and instead suggested that I was just an overly anxious mother and I was the problem.

But I know in my heart that something is not right.

I recently starting to put the above together recently, and this seems to be constellation of symptoms seen in cerebral palsy, and I gather it can be mild so that it can take awhile to get a clear diagnosis.

I would like to find an expert in London who can help my son, either to get a diagnosis or to rule this out and help us find what we do need. Does anyone with a cerebral palsy or sensory processing disordered child have any info that could help point us in the right direction?

Thank you in advance.

minipie Mon 30-Jan-17 22:40:54

Dr Maria Kinali diagnosed DD with very mild CP at age 3. She is based at the Portland and was very thorough. I would certainly recommend her as a paediatric neurologist.

She made a confident provisional diagnosis at our first appt based on DD's walking/movement pattern but confirmed it after an MRI.

The MRI was very expensive, we had insurance which covered it, however if you don't I think Dr Kinali could probably asses your DS pretty well without one.

Our DD also had a difficult prem birth and was not breathing for a few minutes after birth.

Good luck! I found it helped a lot to have a diagnosis.

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