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'Handedness' is dyspraxic child?

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expatinscotland Sun 25-Feb-07 18:58:20

DD1 is 3.7 and still has no established handedness.

I'm a bit ambidextrous - I eat and write left-handed, but naturally do just about everything else right-handed, including using scissors.

Any ideas when she will establish handedness, if ever?

She draws at the level of a 2-year-old.

Saturn74 Sun 25-Feb-07 19:02:15

DS1 (11) is dyspraxic and dyslexic.
He was ambidextrous until he was about 5, and then he settled on favouring his right hand.
His teachers said it was quite usual for children to still use both hands at this age.
He now writes, plays sport etc favouring his right hand.
He uses his cutlery as a left handed person.

LIZS Sun 25-Feb-07 19:05:48

Sounds pretty common for a preschooler, dyspraxic or not. ds had no dominant hand until 5 and even then he switched for tasks other than writing fro a while.

expatinscotland Sun 25-Feb-07 19:06:07

Thanks, HC!

We're not too fussed about it now.

Nor is the paed.

Just wondered when it might happen.

SALT starts tomorrow, but there's a lengthy wait list for OT.

expatinscotland Sun 25-Feb-07 19:06:26

DD2 is only 14 months, but already quite right-handed.

expatinscotland Sun 25-Feb-07 19:09:14

We don't know if she's got dyslexia or dysgraphia . . . yet.

DH has, so it won't come as any surprise if she has.

She shows NO sign of wanting to potty train at present, but as she's had delays in all her gross motor skills, again it comes as no surprise.

Saturn74 Sun 25-Feb-07 19:15:18

OT for DS1 at that age mainly consisted of exercises to help with fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.
So, threading beads, playing soft tennis, hopscotch, washing up (I liked that one! ),dressing and undressing teddy bears and dolls, playing with hula hoops, trampolining etc.
He was just dry at night by the time he started school at 4.8.

expatinscotland Sun 25-Feb-07 19:18:27

We live in hope, HC !

She did okay with the threading beads. The paed suggested some that were bigger than the ones they tested her on, and she loves them!

She's very patient and not easily frustrated, so far.

We've made it clear we're available for any cancellations on the OT, so again here's hoping.

Just very pleased about the SALT because it's only been less than a month since she was referred.

She does mumble quite a bit, so she'll have her hearing tested as well.

Saturn74 Sun 25-Feb-07 19:27:59

DS1 is very patient too, luckily!
And very laid-back, so he didn't get frustrated often.
One thing that did help him was a coloured overlay when he started reading - and eventually he had coloured glasses.
We didn't get any SALT support, unfortunately - but his brother did, so we'd sneak in questions about DS1 at the same time!
Hope you get your OT session soon.

Jimjams2 Sun 25-Feb-07 19:48:17

ds2 only settled on his left hand after starting school (he was 4.9 when he started). He couldn't draw when he went there, could only really scribble. His writing is quite neat now (5 months later), and he quite enjoys drawing and colouring. He still refuses to use scissors and can't skip. I'm sure he's borderline mild dyspraxic!

expatinscotland Sun 25-Feb-07 20:20:48

She scribbles, JJ. She does draw a rudimentary sort of circle, but other than that it's all scribble.

She does tell you what it is, tho. A butterfly, a dinosaur, a bee.

Jimjams2 Sun 25-Feb-07 20:25:45

ds2 was like that- he supposedly drew trains. He;s come on enormously in the last few months.

expatinscotland Sun 25-Feb-07 20:28:52

Glad to hear it, JJ!

Hoping for the best for DD1, too, with a little help.

She seems to have some difficulty with the sounds needed to make 'l' and 'r'.

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