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Can oranges really have such a huge impact on dd's behaviour?

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Blossomhill Sun 25-Feb-07 12:43:42

Dd who is 7.5 (AS and Adhd) has been really playing up lately and I can only really link it to oranges.
When we went to Bibic they said to avoid oranges as they can cause hyperactivity and we did avoid them for ages. The past year or so they have come back into our diets.
Dd craves citrus, sucks on lemons, limes and if allowed (well when we are not looking) would eat the orange and the skin.
If it is the orange would 1 orange really cause her behaviour to change all day.
I can def. see links with oranges and hyperactivity.

luckylady74 Sun 25-Feb-07 14:55:03

no idea blossomhill, but jimjams did just tell me on a glutenfree thread that withdrawing peanuts had an incredibly dramatic effect on her ds1, and other foods on other children - so why not your dd? it's a classic symptom of intolerance to crave the food you can't tolerate. 1 crumb of wheat can have a big impact on a child - so why not an orange, but then i'm hypothesising in a very unscientific way!

suedonim Sun 25-Feb-07 16:28:33

I don't know if it still the case but at one time orange trees were irrigated with tartrazine mixed into the water. My allergic ds2 used to go completely off the wall and his face swelled up, asthma etc. I now live in Africa and the oranges here are not orange, they're a greeny-yellow instead.

Blossomhill Sun 25-Feb-07 21:07:52

luckylady ~ yes it is true about the cravings!

suedonim ~ if that's still true then the tartazin would really explain why!

PeachyClair Sun 25-Feb-07 22:46:08

salycylates right? oooh I loved omitting those LOL- it DOES work but how come BIBIC are the only people that know that?????

yep it can affect them witha small amount, after all its a 'poison' to them. It takes one slice of bread for me to get a panic attack, and a small box of raisins for Sam to start flying, or a slice of bread.

Look at this way- better to know eh??

wombat2 Mon 26-Feb-07 18:54:39

dd1 always went hyperactive after orange juice. Removing it from her diet really calmed her down.

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