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Haet Sun 25-Feb-07 10:57:08

My three year old has been diagnosed with longsighteness and astigmatisim - runs in my family. I have been told that one eye is worse than the other and the worst eye has a 7degree of hypermetropia. What bdoes this mean.

maggiems Sun 25-Feb-07 12:26:25

Hi - Hypermetropia is another word for longsightedness, as is hyperopia. Not sure if the 7 is a typo , ie were you asking what hypermetropia is or were you asking what a reading of 7 is on the scale. if its the scale 7 means he is pretty longsighted. My Dt2 is about the same and we have been told he is likely to always need glasses. He also has some astigmatism. He is fine with his glasses and can see very well with them. When he was your childs age he used to take them off a bit but is much better now at 5. One eye is also worse than the other in my sons case. My Ds looks lovely with his glasses and wont go anywhere without them now. Any more questions ask away

ernest Sun 25-Feb-07 14:38:47

his eyes sound similar to my ds's (and mine) we're both between +6.75 and + 7.5. It means we're both long sighted, always need to wear glasses, and always will, and I'd recommend paying the extra to get extra-thin lenses because they are significantly lighter and so mucvh more comfortable, and they also look much better (less 'jam jar' like, and this is not a trivial factor)

maggiems Sun 25-Feb-07 14:55:24

We pay for the extra thin lenses too. You can get them reduced by various degrees, the finest being the mostt expensive. If your prescription is over 6 you are entitled to a free spare pair.

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