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Msqueen33 Fri 20-Jan-17 16:12:01

I have two dd's with autism. One is 6 and the other nearly four. Both in and due to go into mainstream. There isn't a suitable Sen near us. My poor six year old is tired and stressed. Today she told me "Mummy, I'm worried. The work is too hard and it's all mixed up". My heart broke. She has a ft 1:1. I like both her LSAs but feel the morning one has more of an understanding of asd. Any suggestions I make are meant with "Oh she's fine" then we have a few awful afternoons were the LSA will say "I've taken the brunt of it". When she's been stamping her feet. It's frustrating to keep trying to say she's stressed and being met with that she's not. I'm seeing her morning LSA next week but I'm disheartened. And I feel helpful. No other mainstreams locally would work at all. I'm already nervous enough about sending my other dd to the school (keyworker says she's borderline between mainstream and Sen school).

I'm not sure why I'm posting other than I feel hugely overwhelmed. The school aren't great communicators. The odd ten minutes infrequently. My nt seven year old is giving me attitude (normal for her age but could do without it).

My dd told me this afternoon that she wasn't a bad girl and was so sorry. I nearly wept in the middle of the street whilst my youngest with asd howled the street down.

zzzzz Fri 20-Jan-17 16:55:35

I'm in the middle of school run but marking so I can come back.


FrayedHem Fri 20-Jan-17 17:52:09

It's not surprising you are feeling overwhelmed. Do you get any input from outside agencies such as Autism Outreach or Specialist Teacher Services?

Maybe push for a home/school communication book? I got one after I made a written complaint to the head about a whole host of things, and if nothing else getting them to commit their comments in writing builds an interesting picture of how they view DS1. One of the LSAs gets him, the other clearly doesn't so I can evidence to the specialist teacher where LSA2 needs some training (as well as the class teacher(!))

BackforGood Fri 20-Jan-17 21:39:46

Do the local authority have outreach workers you can talk to?
Have the staff (all staff IMO, but especially the 2 LSAs) done AET training ?

You could contact NAS for support - they have LOTS going on, on line, running courses, parent meet ups, forums, quetsion and answers, etc.
Also contact a Family are good if they have people in your area.

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