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Increased self harm at school

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FoddyWaddle Fri 20-Jan-17 12:44:06

My DS is 8 and suffers with depression and is awaiting assessment for Autism. Since he has returned to school after christmas his behaviour has been awful and his self harm is increasing not only in frequency but also on severity. School/his teacher are trying to help him and they requested an emergency meeting with CAHMS ect to try and help my DS. The SENCO is not the best so i was wondering if there are any things that we/they can do to support him within school. He is taking anti depressants and receiving therapy. I am a little lost and i am not sure how to help him within school.

tartanterror Mon 23-Jan-17 20:59:03

Sorry to hear this - I just spotted your thread and didn't want to leave it unanswered.

The diagnosis process should help you advocate and to give hints about what support might help but in itself it doesn't help move things forward for your DS. You will probably have to read up as much as you can on ASD and figure out what things he is struggling with. Are there specific patterns? Is it in lessons or unstructured time? Is it in the dinner hall or playground? Ask as many different staff as you can get hold of.

Ask for the school SALT to do observations in class and in unstructured times. Once you have more info you will get clues to what interventions might work. It's all very personalised!

If I were you I would consider applying for an EHCP as self harm seems like a real call for help. It suggests there are in-met needs and the school needs to do more/different things. They will need professional advice to help them know what to do. Ask CAMHS to write a letter to you saying that self harm at school is a Social & Emotional Special Educational Need and that your DS would benefit from an Education and Health Care Plan for his own safety. Attach that letter to one of the template request letters on the IPSEA website and send to your LA. If they agree to assess an Ed Psych will do a report and suggest supports for the school. If in time these supports don't work the EHCP will help get access to specialised ASD help perhaps in an alongside unit etc. Good luck

tartanterror Mon 23-Jan-17 21:00:25

Un-met not in-met!

FoddyWaddle Tue 24-Jan-17 12:41:25

Thank you for your reply. We are having a meeting with cahms and school this week about "keeping him safe" so i will ask about the EHCP plan.
He has problems both in and outside of class/structured time. However his biggest issues are during free time.
I will take a look at the IPSEA website. Thank you

tartanterror Tue 24-Jan-17 21:43:03

CAMHS may know very little about EHCPs and how to get one, but they may be able to write you a letter to support an application by you. You could also try calling your Educational Psycholgy team at your LA - ours do drop-in sessions each term and the can offer generic advice on how schools can support your child if you describe their issues. Might be able to take name/notes of your meeting and present this with your application too - as well as getting some more help from the school in the meantime. Good luck

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