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please could you share experiences of bibic with me?

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luckylady74 Fri 23-Feb-07 23:02:09

my 4 yr old ds1 has as and i would like some kind of focus in the way that my dh and i try and help him. i feel that the advice we have been given so far has been disparate, generalised and tentative 'this might help'. He has very limited social skills, little play, lots of obsessive compulsive elements and extreme anxiety that results in distressing behaviour.
do you think bibic could help? how much has bibic helped you? thanks to anybody that replies.

luckylady74 Fri 23-Feb-07 23:14:15

he also has 'profound' language difficulty according to his last salt despite having a wide vocabulary because his undestanding is so limited

luckylady74 Sat 24-Feb-07 13:21:11

bump please anyone?

PeachyClair Sat 24-Feb-07 16:16:08

Hiya, I have 2 kids registered with BIBIC (out of 3), and I have also worked alongside them as I grew uo in Bridgwater. So I do now them well LOL! (I worked for HomeStart and they did training for us). DS1 has AS, so it should be commparable.

First the downside: the admin. Seems rather to have improved but you sometimes have to chase, phone better than email.

Therest though- i would recommend 100%, the individual programme is tailoreed to each childa nd their speech therapist is a registred one that also has privtae practice and works for a hospital. Make sure when you get dates that she will be around when you are- she's not full time but they have just done that for ds3's forst assessment in June, as he ahs severe language delay (he's ASD).

They're good. I find they are the only people really on our side, tbh, and they're a bit like a family.

programs vary, I can send you a bit of Sam's if you CAT me so yu can see. It avries and focuses on things like reducing sensory problems (getting them used to different stimulis etc), that was smell relateed and also movement excercises that rebalanced the inner ear. DS1 has no speech aspects as his spech is very welldeveloped (albeit with SPD), he does have writing excercises, co-ordination excercises, loads of dietary input and- because we needd it- they taught us how to cope in extreme meltdowns (wrapping a duvet round etc as a form of comfort restraint)- hopefully not approprite to your son.

You geta choice of centres- Bridgwater is extremely well equipped with a heated pool etc, and a bungalow to stay in (ihear you should take tea an dcoffee as they have lots of herbal things and none of the real stuff LOL), we're away inWales atm so we atatned one in Wales which isn't as well appointed but is more cosy imo, and a bit better suited to DS3.

Any specific questions? Do ask or CAT me.

luckylady74 Sat 24-Feb-07 20:19:24

thanks peachy- really helpful. i think it sounds appropriate and you've answered my question about accom - do both parents go and if so is it inappropriate to take 2 yr old dtwins?
torn between this and RDI - which seems to state more explicit positive results, but is i feel more of a leap of faith because it's based in the us and hasn't the multi disciplinary element.
may end up doing both in the end.
i suppose my one question is does it work - as in can your ds1 cope with life any better, do you feel more in control, do you have more happy/content moments - because that's what i'm hoping for!

Jimjams2 Sat 24-Feb-07 20:45:01

I liked BIBIC, but I think if you do RDI with a consultant then it might be more effective. Especially if you do RDI with a consultant who is also qualified in behaviour analysis. (heck of a lot more expensive though).

PeachyClair Sat 24-Feb-07 20:59:30

Yes it has worked well for DS1, his relationships and response to stimulation is much improved and he responds to BIBIC staff in discussing thngs in a way he will with nobody else.

Part of it was the cost I guess- we got funding for this but we're having to look away from many things we know could help the boys, more ds3 than ds1 atm. We're lucky that a SALT who works pribately will see him for free (old mate reappeared after a good 5 or mroe years!), buut as a student, and DH not being exactly rolling in it.... quite. We don't get DLA with DS3 becausehe hasn't seen anyone except Paediatrics,, iyswim, for reports (something we're sorting atm), and I can't get careres for technical reasons- all a pain, frankly, but thats life.

luckylady74 Sat 24-Feb-07 21:20:28

thanks jimjams - i seem to be saying that a lot it's saker's consulttant who i think is trained in both.
thanks for being so frank peachy
what would you estimate the costs were - am i right that it's about £1000 for the fist 2 times to bibic excluding travel/accom?

Jimjams2 Sat 24-Feb-07 21:30:30

I don't remember it being that expensive- but it was a number of years ago.

PeachyClair Sun 25-Feb-07 12:09:18

sam pia a bit more for his assessment then it depends on the length of your visit, but I wold say probably closer to £800 for 2 visits ime, quite possibly less

You geta free interview if you telephone them, its a long one- over an hour- and then they let you know how long they need to see you for (3 days is usual for assessment, and that's just 2 famillies ime maximum in BIBIC at a time so lots of attentions), and they let you know the costs- and importantly how you can offset them- then.

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