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Adhd or asd (or both)

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Swippy Tue 17-Jan-17 20:03:47

Please could anyone tell me what the difference is between attention issues related to asd or ADHD? I have always felt my son meets almost every tick box from the websites I have visited about ADHD but less of the asd traits. He was diagnosed with asd last December but was borderline on some areas (for example eye contact, joint attention). We had a horrendous time last year at school but this year things have improved now he has a 1-1 in place, movement breaks and he's on melatonin to help him fall asleep. He did get an OT assessment and has a lot of issues there but she wouldn't state whether she thought he had ADHD, also although some of the things have helped like a wobble cushion, fidget toys etc he's still really hyper and struggles to focus, he's not anxious and very happy generally but can suddenly flip quite impulsively (so if his brother snatched something off him).
He is getting an ECHP and the EP thinks he should be assessed for ADHD but his paediatrician was reluctant to refer him...
So just wondering if you have a child with ADHD what process you went through and how to tell the difference or how to tell if they have both? I'm so confused!!

Melawati Tue 17-Jan-17 21:16:10

My DD has formal dx of both, by the same team but at different assessments.
When you say he was dx with ASD last December, do you mean December just gone, or a year ago? I know with my DD they wanted to wait to do the ADHD assessment until the supports for her ASD and MH dx had had a chance to work. So it could be your paed is wating for a similar reason if the ASD is a recent dx.

Swippy Wed 18-Jan-17 17:37:03

No he is was diasgnosed 2015. It wasn't even the paed that saw him that was reluctant, it was another one who we were referred to to sign him off, you apparently get signed off after a diagnosis? Anyway our gp has put in another referral, he was under early years before and the dr has referred him to cahms as he is now 6.
So can they have both?

Melawati Wed 18-Jan-17 17:48:38

My DD has both - I think there is a lot of overlap, so if you have either one, you are likely to have traits of the other, but maybe not enough for a dx of both. In my DD's case, because there were many possible reasons why she might be struggling with attention and concentration, the approach was to wait and see if things improved when her ASD and MH were better managed and supported.
It sounds like in your area Camhs diagnose school age DC, and if your GP has made the referral, hopefully they will look at it as a separate issue to the ASD.

Swippy Thu 26-Jan-17 19:13:46

Well cahms have refused our referral. I just don't know whether to push for one or get a private one! It's so frustrating

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