Dr Mike Tettenborn

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blossomhill Mon 21-Jun-04 21:27:10

Has anyone been to see him? It's just I am seeing the nutritionalist from HASCG tomorrow and he asked me at my last visit if he could refer us to see him as he thought that we were a good case. I will do anything that helps dd but do feel slightly apprehensive all the same. He will send off the referral tomorrow. Any info. appreciated!

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scubawoman Tue 22-Jun-04 07:24:30

What does HASCG stand for, and what do you want to know? If you want to you can reach me via contact another talker as I don't seem to get in here much anymore.

Jimjams Tue 22-Jun-04 07:54:22

he's excellent - will write more later

Piffleoffagus Tue 22-Jun-04 08:36:51

He is my dd's onsultant, she has a genetic syndrome, he is no fuss, practical, calm, soft, caring, wonderful with referrals and information, he listens to parents, uses your views and opinions to guide his treatment
I love him, he has made the world of difference to our lives...
If you see him tell him Emilia C sends her love

Piffleoffagus Tue 22-Jun-04 08:37:24

google on him too, he has done many seminars and research papers

aloha Tue 22-Jun-04 09:05:58

I recently interviewed someone (Lucy Hawking, Prof Stephen Hawking's daughter, actually) whose autistic son was treated by him. She thinks he is absolutely WONDERFUL and his dietary programme has, she says, transformed her son. She couldn't recommend him highly enough.

blossomhill Tue 22-Jun-04 11:10:07

Thanks everyone. Am off to appointment now and am def. going to ask to be referred. SW - HACSG - sorry I got my letters round the wrong way, it's the hyperactive childrens support group! have been going there and they suggested EyeQ which dd is allergic to and actually makes her behaviour worse and basically more hyperactive. Must go as the traffic is going to be a nightmare in Wimbledon!! I'll post later.

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Jimjams Tue 22-Jun-04 13:37:35

A few of my friend's have been to see him with their autistic children- and all have spoken highly of him. If we were still in the SE I would have taken ds1 by now.

RexandBen Wed 23-Jun-04 20:16:16

where is he based?

Piffleoffagus Wed 23-Jun-04 20:19:53

He works mostly from Frimley Park Childrens Centre in Surrey (Nth East Hants area too he does clinics at Fleet as well)
I see him at Frimley Park

blossomhill Sun 27-Jun-04 20:51:23

The only thing that worries me is that I have to phone him direct. I hate doing things like that. Is he approachable?

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aloha Sun 27-Jun-04 21:12:17

He will have a secretary who you will speak to first. Why should you be embarrassed to make an appointment? It's his job to see people like you and your dd and what's more, he has made it his choice because he is passionate about his work. From all I hear, he is immensely sympathetic, kind and a very good listener, which I understand can be a rare thing.

Ghset1 Wed 07-Feb-18 14:31:30

Hi there, I’m new to this!
Thought it might be a good place to track down contact dtl for Dr Tettenbourne’s secretary. We saw him a couple of years ago while serving with the British forces in Germany he was great! But we have no idea how to see him in the uk. Can anyone help with this?
Thank you in advance.

ObscuredbyFog Wed 07-Feb-18 16:05:59

Have you googled? All I could find was his name on the GMC register, but no contact details or place where he was working.

Maybe try youTube or blogs as well to see where he is practising now.

Ghset1 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:54:33

I contacted Frimley Heath hospital today and he is not practising there any more.
Waiting for a response from another paediatric secretary to try and track him down.

ObscuredbyFog Thu 08-Feb-18 12:25:35

Good Luck flowers

If I've got the right end of the stick, he was advocating the leaky gut theory. There's been lots about it online since 2004, so if you can't find him directly, you may find someone practising his methods.

Quest1 Wed 30-Jan-19 23:55:56

Hi there, i too have come across this doctors name and am very interested in contacting him. I live locally to Frimley and am desperate to find help for my son who is waiting an autism assessment and struggling with poor health too due to an overload of candida. I was wondering if you may have obtained his contact details???

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