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ASD poem

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Mompa1308 Wed 11-Jan-17 22:31:34

Unable to talk yet fluent in love
Your smile speak volumes words never could
Trapped in your world bravely alone
There are few whom reach your solitary zone

Flailing and flapping moving all the while
Attention from others dismissed and reviled
You like to be left to play on your own
Unknown to you you're far from alone

I watch out for you with each breath that I take
Checking on you every movement you make
Ensuring you're safe loved and secure
To keep you from harm and safety ensure

What will become of you when I am gone
I pray you'll be loved and cherished my son
Who will learn your peculiar ways
And make you laugh for all of your days

My boy is special so treasure him please
Look after him well and treat him kindly
Keep him from danger and protect him from harm
He is dependent on you so don't let him down

Ruby1985 Thu 12-Jan-17 12:10:10

This is so touching 💔

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