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I think my baby may be showing autism signs - anyone have a similar experience?

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Kmxxx14 Sun 08-Jan-17 09:42:48

My LO is 16 weeks. She began cooing at 6 weeks then stopped abruptly at 10 weeks. She was silent until 15 weeks & has now started shrieking/shouting almost in a distressed way but she's not distressed although sometimes the shriek turns into a cry.

She smiles when I talk to her sometimes but she instantly looks away in a "shy" sort of way. When I talk to her she often gets frustrated and annoyed and starts crying. There's times I really need to struggle to get her to look at me. I'll be trying to look at her and she'll rapidly move her eye sideways to avoid it.

She's generally a very happy baby. For the last two weeks or so she's wanted held a lot. She's been very sleepy too.

She's EBF and refuses all bottles & dummys. She's got decent head control & can sit for a couple of seconds before falling over. She's not got any interest in rolling really or finding her feet.

I've spoken to HV who was concerned and recommend a visit to GP. They GP was also concerebsd and referred her to a specialist in child development but the appointment will be 3 months.

I must admit I'm not coping well at all. When she was born I was on cloud 9 and the happiest I've ever been and now I feel my world has just came crashing down. I'm not functioning well I've got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I can't sleep as my heart is racing and I can't relax. I just keep thinking I've lost my little baby who was cooing and laughing over a month ago.

Now she only laughs when tickled.

She sleeps well and takes regular naps.

I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed these features in their baby and went on to be diagnosed with autism?

zzzzz Sun 08-Jan-17 17:20:26

not like mine at 4 months and he has a dx of ASD.

Kmxxx14 Sun 08-Jan-17 17:59:44

Thank you

blaeberry Sun 08-Jan-17 19:15:04

It sounds like there is a lot of normal stuff going on; sitting, only ebf, being held and more sleepy can be normal too as they go through developmental spurts.

However, you are concerned and you should trust your instincts in asking for assessment. If she starts gets distressed go back to the GP. You won't get an autism diagnosis for a good while yet and it may be something else. Another three months will make it easier to spot developmental differences.

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Sun 08-Jan-17 19:44:54

Both my babies did the eyes sideways/ refusing eye contact when they were tired or bored. They are both Neuro typical and developing normally. They both had periods when they wanted to be held constantly, to the extent of only napping in the sling. Both of them sometimes developed a new skill, then stopped doing it for a few weeks before restarting again. I don't think babies are expected to roll by 16 weeks. My friend's 5 month old hasn't started rolling yet. Neither of mine ever 'found their feet' although I had special foot finder toys - they ignored them. Neither took a bottle or dummy.

The screaming sound - if baby seems in pain are there any concerns about reflux or allergies? Eg poor growth, screaming after feeds, rashes, vomiting? Or is it more that she is happy but just screaming? My baby has started screaming as a sign of excitement/ happiness recently, Dh keeps thinking she is in pain.
Do you have any concerns about her hearing? Does she react to noises? If she can't hear properly then she won't start making noises normally.

Not to dismiss your concerns, and it's good that your baby's development will be assessed, but it could well all turn out to be nothing.

You are obviously very worried about your baby. With my eldest I was terrified she would have autism. We have a history in both sides of our family. I was looking for signs of it almost from birth, and like you describe I felt physically ill with worry. I have an anxiety disorder, and that was my anxiety talking. I haven't worried about it at all with my second baby, after having help with my anxiety. I would say that your reaction to this is quite strong and I wonder if you might benefit from speaking to your GP about how you are feeling? Do you have a supportive friend you can speak to? What does your dh think?

Kmxxx14 Sun 08-Jan-17 20:22:04

Thanks for the advice. I am going to make an appointment with my GP tomorrow for some help. I admit I am a very anxious person and I may need some help with this.

My OH is concerned but thinks she's going to be ok but I think he may just be saying this to reassure me. I keep breaking down to him and I don't think he wants me to worry.

Imaginosity Sun 08-Jan-17 20:30:59

I don't think it sounds like autism but best to get her checked out as it will give you peace of mind given that you seem worried. I have a 13 week old baby who sounds very similar to yours and I don't think she has autism. My baby does the shy look after she smiles - I think it's really cute. My 7 yr old has autism.

Imaginosity Sun 08-Jan-17 20:33:20

Also, it sounds maybe like you would benefit from going to the GP - I was very anxious after my baby was born but I went to the GP and have been taking anti depressants for a few weeks and my anxiety is under control now.

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