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Poss ASD related? Waking v worked up in morning...

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Blossom4538 Sat 07-Jan-17 16:50:43

Hi all!

DD is currently under assessment for ASD.
Something which we have noticed is that she often wakes up really worked up. It may be that she wakes and just launches straight into intricate levels of playing and demands within seconds of waking and is just extremely "busy". It can also be that she is really worked up, shouting, calling us names, aggressive physically. Basically it can be mayhem!! confusedsmile

Something I remember commenting on from an early age is that DD would no longer wake happy and chit chat or sing in her cot, she would just scream the house down and get very worked up, never woke happy, despite being a good sleeper at that point.

Just wondering if this can be related to ASD at all. Any experiences of this?

Areyoufree Sat 07-Jan-17 22:28:49

No advice, but I have a similar experience with my daughter (just turned 5). We know we are in for a bad day when just asking her if she is ready to go downstairs results in screams of "Stop talking! Go away!". Or she can be really manic and disengaged. Or she can be really sweet, polite, happy and helpful. Life's never dull!

OneInEight Sun 08-Jan-17 12:28:05

ds2 is often raging if he gets woken up before he is ready. Not sure if it is ASC related or not (he has a diagnosis of AS) but very difficult to deal with particularly as he has erratic sleeping patterns to say the least. Yesterday after two hours of raging he eventually said he was cross because he was too hot - we have had also had lots of issues around drink over the years and I wonder if this if a bit of dehydration is a factor still on days when he is particularly down and angry.

Areyoufree Sun 08-Jan-17 13:20:42

That's a really good point, Oneineight - my daughter never drinks enough, but have never thought about dehydration being a cause of irritability. Definitely going to look out for that now though. Thanks!

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