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ASD related new issues in DD - 9

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Meeep Sat 07-Jan-17 10:42:16

I wondered if anyone had advice on either how I could tackle these issues, or who I could look to to help.

First, DD has over the past six months or so started cutting out foods, she's eating less overall and fewer types and she's losing weight, which she doesn't need to! Things she used to have regularly, now she can't bear them. They make her sick. I read that ASD in girls can be linked to anorexia and I want her to have healthy eating habits now to try to ward off future problems in teen years as much as possible.

Second, she's started hitting in anger when she gets stressed. She never did this before, and I'm not sure if it's possible to teach her a different technique or if trying to redirect the anger could backfire. (I'm worried about her starting to self harm in some way instead basically.)

Ineedmorepatience Sat 07-Jan-17 12:32:54

Is she struggling? It sounds as if something is impacting on her and causing these changes in her behaviour!

zzzzz Sat 07-Jan-17 13:59:10

Is her bmi of concern or is she just looking a bit skinny?

What made you start worrying so particularly about self harm and anorexia?

Has dd recently "done healthy eating" at school?

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