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jenk1 Wed 21-Feb-07 17:04:21

What is it with me and SENCO,s?
It must be me because both DS and DD,s ive had problems with.

Take DD,s she says that the CDC asessment dx of possible ASD she doesnt see it in DD, she says R doesnt have language problems but its the "tests" that are at fault.

We asked our independant psych to go in and his results were very very upsetting about DD, so today i telephoned the Autism Outreach Team and asked them to go in.
I told them whats happening and they said that possibly because DD is so passive that it looks like she,s blending in with other children when in reality she,s not.
The lady phoned me back from the AOT to say that she had contacted the nursery but that the SENCO had told her that she doesnt have any problems regarding DD.
AAARRRGGHHH. stupid woman.

She,s still going to go in however and has assured me that she WILL pick up on any traits of ASD that DD has.

Its the same situation with DS SENCO 2 years ago and i dont know what to do, my aunty who,s a teacher has suggested to me that the SENCO has a bee in her bonnet because ive picked up on DD,s problems so early and the other professionals involved have and not her but thats so unprofessional.

But the way i feel at the moment ill say it to her face at the next meeting we have.

bigcar Thu 22-Feb-07 12:59:33

Its not you, and its not just your senco, unfortunately most of them dont have a long list of specialist training, or time spent teaching in special ed. The one at my ds1s school keeps telling me ds1 has sn because he cant read more than a few words yet at the grand old age of 6. I think thats got more to do with sat results than anything else. My ss who is 13 has severe ASD, if it wasnt for his benefit id take him in and let her experience a real sn child. It seems you cant win either way. Some sencos dont like to bow to the people that really know what theyre talking about. Remember though that you will need her support when she finally realises how stupid she is. Try practising in the mirror before you go next time biting tongue whilst smiling sweetly, also mumbling almost inaudibly under your breath and ear plugs to stop visible steam emmisions!

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