Applying for primary school- ASD

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Bobbybobbins Sun 01-Jan-17 17:32:46

We will be applying for our DS1 for primary school next year ( to start 2018). I appreciate this is a long way off but I feel like seeking advice from those of you who have been through it would be really helpful.

He is just 3 and has been recently and semi officially diagnosed with regressive autism, as he has lost speech he had a year ago and regressed with his concentration also. However we have not yet seen the paediatrician and have only just gone on the (12 month) waiting list. The speech and behaviour therapist has offered the initial diagnosis but he is definitely autistic, I suspect the paediatrician will 'rubber stamp' this.

So we know that we will need to communicate with the school regarding his individual needs, and that he may have an EHCP but that we aren't sure at this stage.

Has anyone else applied for a school with an initial diagnosis with not the official from the paediatrician? Just not sure we will get it in time before we have to start looking at schools. He will get some 1-1 support in preschool at his nursery from January and we feel he will definitely need that to some extent at school.

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