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biomedical / dietary interventions

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MaterofDragons Sun 01-Jan-17 17:21:18

Happy New Year eveyone. If you're interested in biomedical and/or dietary interventions to support your child with asd, please feel free to post here. It will be great to exchange ideas.

With my twins (3.11 years old with severe, nonverbal autism) we are dealing with issues around their gut health which I believe got much worse when they had a very nasty bout of gastroenteritis at 8 months. Both boys have an absoption issue and as such are unable to absorb B vitamins, Vit D and iron. They have had 3 lots of iron supplements and there has only been a marginal increase in iron levels. Vit D is finally in the normal range after supplementing with 25 ug daily and we're now on a maintenance dose. They're also on ranitidine. In addition we take probiotics, fish oils and Vit C in the winter.

The other issue we have is with inflammation and their immune system. Both boys have been congested since birth, one has had his tonsils removed, the other his adenoids and there is very little difference post surgery. High histimine is an issue and this is being treated with a combination of anti-histimines and a steroid nasal spray. DT1 has terrible sinus problems too which causes him considerable distress. We've been referred back to ENT and the Allergy Clinic. I'm looking into quecertin which is supposed to help but need to do a lot more reading about it and talk to the GP.

MaterofDragons Sun 01-Jan-17 17:25:42

Unlike most children who do dietary interventions, GFCF didn't work for us. They were dairy free for 2 years due to a CMPI but then did well firstly with A2 milk and now goat's milk. I've tried cow's milk yoghurt but it causes diarrhoea so we stick to goat's milk yoghurt. We tried gluten free for a few months and that also caused diarrhoea so we stopped. We generally follow the 80/20 rule and this seems to work. Their paediatrician said their diet is better than hers smile

2boysandadog9 Sun 01-Jan-17 19:08:01

I have started looking into biomedical/dietary interventions for my 27 month old son.
He also had CMPI as a baby and has always been congested. We went back to dairy when he was 1 and he seemed to be ok with it, but once we started having concerns with ASD I stopped dairy and went gluten free since July (21 months old).
I do feel like he was developing normally until 18 months, after which eye contact and interaction started to decrease. Not a regression exactly, but looking back he did slip away...
The diet has improved his bowel movements from squidgy to firm (sorry tmi)
We also started giving fish oils and a multi vitamin, which may or may not have helped with his eye contact - it has steadily started to improve but not NT.
He started ABA therapy in November and that has helped a lot with his attentiveness and ability to follow adult led activities.
His receptive language is still limited to the very basics - stand up, sit down, give me.
His expressive is just one word - go.
I was hopeful after reading that GFCF would yield amazing results, but not for us.
I also gave him a few Epsom salt baths but not for long, I might try it again more seriously as some people say it can help with hyperactivity etc.
He is still very little so I don't want to try anything radical, but if you have any other tips or professionals you can recommend I would like to look into things a bit deeper.

MaterofDragons Mon 02-Jan-17 16:19:06

We're on a similar path as we're also doing ABA with the twins. There's definite progress but sometimes it seems achingly slow. I think this is when I realised that I need to get to the bottom of their health problems once and for all.

Going GFCF never had the wow factor for us. In fact, it was after we reintroduced cows milk (A2) that they both seemed to "wake up". Eye contact was re-established for DT2 and they both became so much more social.

Poos are good here grin and if at any time they're not then I know there's been a dietary infraction.

Epsom salts make the boys go crazy so we've stopped adding them to the bath. Again, it seems that they're not following the traditional biomedical rules.

As well as quercetin I would like to add in some colostrum. Once I've done more reading, I'll let you know how I get on. I would love to have a doctor oversee everything but I can't find one. There are a lot of nutritionists and naturopaths who offer a biomedical service but no doctors. I talk over things with the boys GP and paediatrician but we are all pretty much in the dark. This is when I wished I lived in the States. I have friends who have seen nutritionist Lucinda Miller and they're happy with her. I think she has a long waiting list though.

Neveradullday Mon 09-Jan-17 12:53:08 and the FB RecoveringKids group are fantastic resources if you are looking into biomedical interventions. They have made a world of difference to my ds speech, sensory and behavioural issues. Each child is different though so what works for one might not work for you. It will take a lot of perseverance and detective work to figure out what your child responds to. Worth it.

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