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Harnesses and reins

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Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 07:45:58

Hi,I'm looking for a new set of harness and reins for my 7 year old she's a bit of an escape artist and the last Ines I had made by local saddlery maker. It's a possiblity do that agai. If nothing suitable in the market.
Any ideas welcome

PolterGooseFat Wed 21-Dec-16 07:59:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 09:08:25

Hi yes I've seen them but didn't like them much as I had one in the past she also could undo the so called security buckles

Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 09:09:16

Thing is she's 7 and not stupid she's clever but just has behaviour issues mainly

Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 09:10:33

It's why I had last one made up but I was going do same again if need too but hoped by now some new ones in the market as not cheap to get made up

PolterGooseFat Wed 21-Dec-16 09:52:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 09:56:30

Oh I wasn't meaning you did sorry it kind of looked I implied that

PolterGooseFat Wed 21-Dec-16 10:06:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 10:09:23

With them it's the clips that she can undo and I did message if they had other options but they didn't really offer anything else

Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 10:12:32

I can manage with just new harness the reins still fine as very well made harness is totally fine too but I never allowed for needing to use past her age now you see. Up the cost when I had made was 200 and i talked lady again and she's said will be more this time as bigger of course

zzzzz Wed 21-Dec-16 11:21:46

An old poster managed surprisingly well with a dog collar as a belt as it had a strong metal loop for attaching a line to.

Frusso Wed 21-Dec-16 11:58:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zzzzz Wed 21-Dec-16 12:01:11

I thought it was inspired given the cost of SN stuff

youarenotkiddingme Wed 21-Dec-16 19:11:09

I used a backpack with DS with a clip on dog lead.

Bit like the toddler ones but homemade to size!

Carollocking Wed 21-Dec-16 20:57:01

Thanks for your input everyone

Carollocking Thu 22-Dec-16 09:03:48

My friend the saddler has just been over to measure so all will be solved again,thanks all for help you did give

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