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Born on a blue day by Daniel Tannet on Radio 4's book of the week

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puddle Mon 19-Feb-07 09:58:18

Wondered whether anyone would be interested.

Born on a Blue Day

By Daniel Tannet, read by Paul Panting

Daniel Tammet sees numbers as shapes colour and textures and can perform extraordinary maths in his head. He can also learn to speak a language fluently from scratch in a week.
He has Savant Syndrome, a rare form of Asperger’s.

losty Mon 19-Feb-07 10:04:36

I have read the book - when is it on?

puddle Mon 19-Feb-07 10:11:39

It's on radio 4 at 9.45 in the morning (have just heard it) and again in the evening at (I think 10.45) - also on listen again on the website I think.

losty Mon 19-Feb-07 10:14:49

thanks puddle - can you belive I have had Radio 4 on from 8am this morning doing all my trips until I got home at 9.45am and then came in and sat down to mn? Cant even believe I didnt hear it advertised. Shows you how mush I tune in and tune out to things I hear! grrrrrrrrr!

will check it out later, thanks!

onlyjoking9329 Mon 19-Feb-07 11:37:43

i missed this thou DH heard it and i have just ordered the book, is there a link to listen to it?

nannynick Fri 23-Feb-07 23:23:50

Radio 4: Listen Again... Book of the Week - Important, Listen Again is only available for 7 days from broadcast, so must listen to Mondays episode by end of Sunday, Tuesdays by end of Monday etc.

I brought his book today (in paperback), already on Chapter 6, which is highly unusual for me, as I rarely ever read books.

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