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Please suggest me for ASD treatment .

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Chhalma Mon 19-Dec-16 08:34:00

My 22.5 month old son doesn't talk not even mum or dad not a single word sometime bubble only doesn't point , or wave or clap. Doesn't respond to his name always, sometimes does. Doesn't follow instruction for instance if I say bring ur teddy or put something in bin. Even ask to share something he is playing just ignore. Does'nt move his eye if I want to show him something (look at this car or something) Spends hour after hour with small dish to collect stuff like crayon , building block , garlic everything. Throw everything everywhere and
empty rubbish bin. Doesn't draw. If I want to draw he will take my color and throw or collect in his dish. Not interested to listen story only loves to turn the Book pages.loves nursery rhyme then anything. He is very good boy. Self conscious . He loves his little sister who is 3 month old. If I am busy try to keep himself busy with collecting thing in a dish.not interested to play with toy very much. Even not in new thing. His playing is very simple and same pattern. Sonetime he walks with toes and flap his hand. Sometimes round in a circle.
I googled and all of his signs are ASD syoptom. Checked with MCHAT. Result is Autism positive . I am very worried if he has autism . It made me sick. Can't think anything.

He has been seen by pead two weeks ago. Dr did done blood test and chromosome test. Pead report says
1. Significant global developmental delay.
2. Significant speech and language delay
3. Social communication difficulties
But blood test report will get end of January.

Pead refered for SALT waiting for their replay.

I am almost certain my DS has ASD. Want to do the best for him. I was worried when he was 14 month. At 22 month he has been seen by pead. Don't want to wait till 3 yr and later ASD found. Know early intervention is better. Thinking to do ABA therapy. Anyone has any idea about neurofeedback therapy?
Which is better for ASD. I am economically very poor so want to do most effective one.
Best regards
Very worried mom

Ekorre Mon 19-Dec-16 18:53:11

Autism is a massive spectrum. What works for one may not work for another.

It sounds like communication is your issue right now. Get your local library to borrow Hanen More than Words book as an inter library loan. Its really expensive to buy but I read it this way. Also look at PECS (SALT may do some laminating for you or you can buy simple sets of cards on Ebay) and/or signing. Whether he does or doesn't have autism these things can help you to communicate.

tartanterror Mon 19-Dec-16 22:36:49

Call up the Speech & Language team at your health centre or see if you can book to see one of them at a local children's centre. The Speech & Language Therapists (SALT) were always the most helpful and kind professionals we came across.

MaterofDragons Tue 20-Dec-16 10:57:43

ABA is very effective but not cheap. You can keep costs down by doing most/all of the therapy yourself. You can also apply for grants and busararies - look up Caudwell and Giving tree foundation.

Also do a search on previous posts about ABA. There is a ton of info.

It's not easy I know but good luck. It's great that you're trying to get something sorted at this early stage.

Chhalma Tue 20-Dec-16 11:36:37

Korre thank you very much for ur suggestion . Probably I was trying to do 100m race although autism is a marathon. First I will try to borrow the book u mentioned . Then Salt and last Aba if these doesn't help.

Chhalma Tue 20-Dec-16 11:38:33

I didn't know the local children centre do speech and language therapy . I will ask them for my DS. Thank you very much.

Chhalma Tue 20-Dec-16 11:46:09


Yes Aba therapy is very expensive . And another lady suggest me to do mostly by myself . Although I have no idea where can I get training to continue my sons therapy.

Thinking to apply for caudwell fund but doubt they will accept my application as my son is too you and officially not declared as ASD yet although checked with MCHT and other online checker. Do you have any suggestion for that? Thank u for ur help .

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