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JumpingJetFlash Wed 14-Dec-16 19:07:22


Hope someone could help with some advice. I have a 9 yr old daughter who is currently undergoing assessment for ASD. In April, her Y4 class teacher completed a GARS questionnaire which (from my amateur eye) seemed to score quite highly for ASD traits & matched what we see at home.

Unfortunately, the NHS have lost these questionnaires so they asked us to complete them again. We got the Y5 teachers questionnaire to send off with ours and it's completely different - mainly 0s with a couple of 1s or 2s. I just feel floored - I obviously can't prove what was in the other questionnaire but this one makes it look like there's no problem and I'm scared that she'll end up getting no help with the transitions to secondary school. I just feel like we've been on this treadmill for 18 months already - I've had to confront just how much she (& I) struggle daily and this will end it all.

I'm not sure what help anyone can give but just wanted to talk to people who understand.

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Melawati Thu 15-Dec-16 11:18:06

That is very annoying! Is the Y4 teacher still at the school? Could you ask them to supply another questionnaire? Do you think the new teacher's style of classroom management is much better at minimising your DD's difficulties? We have had teachers over the years who have been excellent with DD and that made her difficulties much less apparent in those years (and lulled us into a false sense of security, so you're right to keep a focus on the bigger picture).

I take a quick snap of all the paperwork that passes through my hands now, just in case.

JumpingJetFlash Thu 15-Dec-16 11:53:25

Hi Melawati

Thanks for the reply. We could kick ourselves for not having taken a copy 😠 She is still teaching there so we could possibly do that - thanks for the suggestion.

I think that she's got better at holding it together in class as she does have mini meltdowns pretty much every evening about something that's happened at school that day. She's in a smaller class this year and this teacher is also super at supporting her writing difficulties since she was identified as dysgraphic so that's removed a trigger in class meaning she blends in more too.

I really appreciate your response, it's nice to know that others understand too 👍

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