DS ASD split his head open in class...

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bookeatingboy Tue 13-Dec-16 11:16:55

DS (8) ASD/ADHD is off his meds whilst his heart is under investigation.

Clearly very different in school because of this and there is only one TA in the class. All of those things that the meds were helping are more prevalent, so he is constant talking, fidgeting, being super impulsive.... if he needs to do something, he needs to do it now! He is just the same at home and always apologizes when this is pointed out to him. He just can't help it.

All of this has lead to lots of punishments in class for ds, one of which is being sent to the back of the class to sit by himself. Yesterday apparently he was talking so got sent to the very back of the class to sit at this table by himself. Of course this didn't help because he needs to be doing or he starts moving, which he did by rocking on his chair. This resulted in him falling and cracking his forehead open that needed a hospital visit to be glued.

Now I'm not sure how to follow this up (if at all). WWYD if this were your child.

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DeepanKrispanEven Tue 13-Dec-16 11:47:17

I would suggest you have a meeting with the school to talk about setting up a strategy for them to deal with the current situation. You should point out that his behaviour is a direct result of his disability and that therefore punishing your son is not the way to go and is discriminatory - whilst recognising that obviously they need to find a way to stop him disturbing the other children. I would have thought that they need to get urgent advice from the educational psychologist, and they should probably also involve an occupational therapist as his need to keep moving is likely to have a sensory basis and could be helped by something like a sensory diet. Point out that it is urgent because there is an obvious safeguarding issue if he's hurting himself.

If they complain about funding, point out that they should have up to £6K delegated funding to meet his needs. If that isn't enough, ask whether you should be starting the EHCP process.

bookeatingboy Tue 13-Dec-16 12:51:24

Thanks Deep sadly we've already had a meeting and the result was that CT sent home a A4 sheet one side headed "If I make the right choices the following will happen..." then a list of four things, stickers, positive remark etc. Other side headed "If I make the wrong choices the following will happen..." CT will say Stop, sit at the back of class to colour, lose some of my playtime!!! I haven't even bothered replying to this as for me it put all the onus on DS and none on school. If he could sit still and concentrate he bloody would... and does when he's on his meds.

Unfortunately for me the Senco (who is fantastic) is on maternity leave ATM, not due back until end of Feb. I'm trying to wait until she comes back but I'm becoming increasingly concerned for ds's well being.

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DeepanKrispanEven Tue 13-Dec-16 17:06:24

The CT clearly has no idea.

The school has to have a Senco in place whilst the other one is on maternity leave. What is the replacement doing? Can you arrange a meeting with her and the head, again emphasising the safeguarding and disability discrimination issues? They both tend to wake up senior management.

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