Fobbed off about nursery for ASD child

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Ineedmorepatience Tue 13-Dec-16 15:41:33

Ah sorry I missed thst bit.

Hope you find somewhere soon. flowers

UnserrenderedTroublesAndStrife Tue 13-Dec-16 15:33:54

She's given notice to the old nursery so it sounds like they've already contracted the hours with a new family.

My friend has just been through this (sadly forced to resign). I'd firstly ring round other nurseries, stressing the support he had elsewhere being normal. It's trickier I guess now it's at preschool age. My friend was told by our LA they had no duty until compulsory school age!

With my daughter I used a nanny, then helped her get ofsted registered so I could use vouchers at least. Is it worth advertising, I know it's not the best but I found the cost similar. They could go playgroups etc

Ineedmorepatience Mon 12-Dec-16 23:24:16

I am still confused as to why they would reduce the hours of a child already attending and give the hours to new children! Thats not how its meant to work, I have worked in early yrs and never heard of this!

They maybe lovely but they have a duty to your child who already has full time hours, unless they are saying they can no longer meet his needs this sounds very dodgy to me.

I hope you can get it sorted though.

user1481572724 Mon 12-Dec-16 20:48:06

It is a shame, it's a lovely place and they really understand him. They did offer me two half days (as there's a long waiting list, new influx of children in January and that's all they have available) but it's on days I'm in uni until the late afternoon, plus I need at least two other days during school hours for placement/getting work done. He doesn't sleep before 10pmish so getting work done in the evenings is hard to say the least.

We've only had the draft statement through at the moment. All I can see is that talks about reception year. The nursery he's in at the moment doesn't even do the free hours, and it's 85% funded by Student Finance, so it's really frustrating that he can just be left like this.

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Ineedmorepatience Mon 12-Dec-16 20:37:29

What a shame that his current nursery cant keep him!

What reason have they given and could you not put a bit of pressure on them to keep him until July?

Also the nursery he is in now should be named on his statement now because that is where he is now.

user1481572724 Mon 12-Dec-16 20:25:39

Hi all

Thought I'd post on here as I'm running out of ideas.

My DS (4) has a diagnosis of ASD (moderate) and GDD (severe). He is due to start reception in September 2017. He has been going to mainstream nurseries since he was a small baby, these have all been private nurseries as I have always worked/studied full time.

I gave notice on his current nursery as he was due to join a school nursery in January, but for various reasons school couldn't be arsed sorting out support I decided to keep him in the private nursery where he has thrived. He has always loved going to nursery. He is an affectionate boy with no real behaviour issues, he's just in his own little bubble and only likes to socialise with adults. He's not toilet trained and not expected to be anytime soon. Non verbal and stims a lot. Sensory seeking and hyposensitive. Not bothered by change of routine etc. Sits happily around a table with others. However, they wont have space for him after Christmas. He goes full time 8-6.

I'm currently a full time student in my final year, doing my dissertation and also work placements. I contacted another nursery, who said they'd take him. Only when I went to visit and explained his conditions, they initially said yes but then when I went back today they said they can't take him without a full time 1:1, and they wont get funding as they're private. They advised me that I may need to pay the £70 a day for a 1:1 myself... well this isn't possible, I'm living on the breadline as a student at the moment as it is. I have no partner or family nearby. This nursery is literally walking distance from my house, his current one is 5 miles away but I manage it.

He has just got a statement of SEN (as it is still called here in Wales) which only seems to focus on what will happen during reception year onwards, I have applied for a MS school with a SEN unit attached.

He's been to two other nurseries for a significant amount of time, and never received any support although he obviously could do with some, he's not a danger to other kids and quite happily amuses himself etc. We've never been told he's not allowed in anywhere without a 1:1 before.

I just need somewhere now up until my degree finishes in April - I've worked so hard these last few years, started my dissertation and it feels as if it's all going to be taken away from me for the sake of a few more months. A normal nursery with funded hours is of no good to me, I need at least 25/30 hours a week.

I live in a pretty desolate place in the middle of nowhere. I've tried childminders before, they all fob me off with excuses about 'health and safety' and he does so much better in a nursery environment. We don't have a lot of nurseries nearby, and I don't have the time/money to be travelling miles and miles to other towns to a nursery. I'm also worried others may say the same as this nursery.

Could really do with some advice regarding the legalities of all this. I only get childcare funding for somewhere registered with the CSIIW (Welsh Ofsted).

Any advice welcome - really stressing at the moment, it's such a difficult time.

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