Is an IEP mandatory for a child with an EHCP?

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Everydayaschoolday Mon 05-Dec-16 21:18:11

DD2 has CP. She has a 1:1 TA full time (inc lunchtime) in Y1 mainstream school. She had a Statement before her EHCP from the age 2.5 (for nursery years). She is academically within the bracket of expected ability for her age. Her TA supports her access to education, movement around school, carries out exercises set by physiotherapist, OT and SaLT, liaises with those professionals, and hosts reviews in school with those professionals and parents etc etc.

I am delighted with the school's proactive and inclusive ethos, and feel DD2 is exceeding all expectations in such a supportive environment. Teachers, TAs and the SENCO's (across the school) are all supportive, engaging and encourage DD2's independence.

So the question is, does DD2 legally have to have an IEP because she has an EHCP? The struggle I have is that the only 'targets' I think DD2 should have are PT, OT and SaLT - and we already have those and they are set and managed by the relevant professional. I don't see us needing educational targets over and above those set by the DofE for DD2's year group. It just seems like a paperwork exercise for us (I appreciate it's not like that for everyone, and lots of children really benefit from an IEP), without any real, tangible output for DD2.

Looking for any feedback (to check for my buffoonery) before I present the idea to the school SENCO's. I'm drowning in the SEN COP and can't find anything that directly refers. Thanks guys.

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Olympiathequeen Tue 06-Dec-16 10:53:12

My (limited) understanding is that the ehcp covers academic goals and an iep isn't necessary. DS only had the statement and now an ehcp.

You could phone IPSEA who are the experts on education for SN children for the correct advice as mine is probably wrong! grin

user1476392838 Tue 06-Dec-16 21:24:43

An EHCP will have long term outcomes - professionals working with your daughter should be setting short term outcomes which are reviewed 3 times a year. These should relate to the long term outcomes. Whether the document these are recorded on is called an IEP,a Provision Plan, Support Plan or Annexe A - does not really matter. What matters is that there is some evidence that there is work being done towards achieving the long term outcomes.

FrayedHem Tue 06-Dec-16 23:08:25

I've been looking at this from the other side (lack of) and the SENCOP says

6.65 Where a pupil is receiving SEN support, schools should talk to parents regularly to
set clear outcomes and review progress towards them, discuss the activities and
support that will help achieve them, and identify the responsibilities of the parent, the
pupil and the school. Schools should meet parents at least three times each year.

I would interpret that to include a child with an EHCP though I could be wrong.

Another issue is schools have to be able to provide evidence that they are spending SEN funds effectively and tracking the pupils' progress. DS1's school has been carpeted by Ofsted for failing to do this, and I don't think it's a coincidence that an IEP style document has been sent home with a meeting request following this!

Everydayaschoolday Wed 07-Dec-16 00:17:51

Thank you for your responses. Yes, although we know what the professional health professionals want done (and it is reviewed termly), I suppose the IEP is the place to record those tasks. I expect one input from each: OT, PT and SaLT would cover us for 3 short-term targets, without having to make up educational targets. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. Please continue to post if anyone has anything to add.

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